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Poetry- Window to a Soul

Updated on February 22, 2012
Cover- 'The Crest-Poetry for the Soul'
Cover- 'The Crest-Poetry for the Soul'
God, Grant Me Goodness from thamimzy Source:
God, Grant Me Goodness from thamimzy Source:
I HATE WAR from OakleyOriginals Source:
I HATE WAR from OakleyOriginals Source:
Lost-soul from ZalGHaM IslaM Source:
Lost-soul from ZalGHaM IslaM Source:
Lost Love from petervanallen Source:
Lost Love from petervanallen Source:

Poetry- Window to a Soul

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Poetry has always been a tool for honing the craft of writing as well as fuelling the imagination. When not working on a book manuscript, poetry has always been my chosen genre for self-expression. The freedom and the succinct use of language have always been both joy and challenge and a window into ones true thoughts about the world and life in general. For a writer, I believe that poetry writing has a lot to offer and should be utilised as a continuing practise.

The Seed

Tony DeLorger © (18/4/07)

Heaven spurned and Kings forlorn,

Duty spare and sabres drawn.

Soulless selfish minds are torn,

With nothing to believe in.

Wanting for sweet nothing’s breath,

To quench the flame of idle death.

And end the reign of apathy,

A paradigm be shown.

Religions sigh and politics dry,

Relinquish all the chased ascribe.

Instead within the nurtured womb,

Aspire all beginnings.

Perfection, God and Allah make,

Within our souls potential take.

No outward search the truth locate,

Within, the seed resides.


Tony DeLorger © (28/12/06)

Relinquished arms and faded game,

Duplicitous silence born of betrayal.

Fetch my bowl and cup salute,

The end of lies and feigned recoup.

My heart once filled now loathes to feel,

The shallow tint and absence yield.

For time dislodge the truth unsaid,

And face the parting bravely.

‘Tis love that sparks the deepest night,

And love that rots in faded light.

Adrift in aged encumbered life,

A scrambled plight detests.

Impossible to face regret,

Nor hold the hand of passing let,

A vision lost of eternal will,

Forever end in sadness still.

Craving scorned and will aside,

Let passion wain and chill reside.

The torment lost contention nigh,

Oh silence bare and then…

Pillows soft of down console,

Now callus rocks a bed so cold.

No rest, escape or careless soul,

Could pity find in aged recall.

Tempered thoughts of warmth now lost,

In staggered rows of graveyard plots.

Lack lustre past in fine review,

Welcome change and life renew.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks Tnderhrt23. You'll like my last, just published-

      'My Garden- Refuge from the Living'

    • tnderhrt23 profile image


      7 years ago

      Very deep, thought-provoking verse! My favorite is "The Seed" and in particular, I love the last verse. Voted up and awesome!


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