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World War II - a poem

Updated on April 25, 2017

World War II

Luminous sea

In a twilight noon

Birds up high

At the West their home,

Come, the dazzling wind

From east to west she ruled

Hovering sounds of iron cast

Cry and breath,of one had left

Tears of hope and loneliness

Knocking for; begging help

Trembling through the underground

Days and night are troublesome

Life was short, been meaningless

The agony of pain, that ever rest

Beneath the clouds a metal craft

Beyond the mountains an ambush site

Across the oceans of mighty ships

Resides the soul of an interdict

Fire descends from up the sky

Turn this nightmare, exterminate

Of life, and liberty.

Minute and then hour

The chaos was not yet over

Then at click of a second

Calm,calm,calm the world was at QUITE

© 2014 ran ran


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