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Pieces of Dawn: Poems and Short Essays Written in my Youth

Updated on November 28, 2012

Box of Glass

I wrote this poem in seventh grade, one of the more troubling periods in my life.

Trapped within a box of glass

Watching the world as it goes past

Never for a moment knowing

What lies beyond the box of glass

And everyone is near you,

Yet they seem so far away

And though you long to join them

The box of glass is where you stay

And all that you can do is wait

Until the day the glass will break

But until that day

The box of glass is where you stay

The Old Man and the Sea: A Comparison to Modern Day

I wrote this essay when I was in eleventh grade after reading the Hemingway novel The Old Man and the Sea. By the way, the little girl was me.

We have all at one time in our lives reached for a goal that was too high or tried to do something that was beyond our abilities. A good example of this is something that happened to someone I know when they were five years old. The child planted a flower for Mother's Day in her kindergarten class. She watered the flower and watched it grow and grow for over a month until Mother's Day finally came and the flower was big enough to plant. The little girl wanted to surprise her mother by planting the flower herself. She knelt down with the flowerpot beside her and began to dig the hard rocky soil. When she finally finished, however, she turned to see the flower was missing. She caught sight of her dog in the corner of the yard chewing on something pink. Just like the old man in The Old Man in the Sea, the little girl had worked so hard just to watch her work eaten by an animal, just like Santiago's fish was eaten by sharks.

Racism is Wrong

This is a paper I wrote also in eleventh grade I believe.

Racism is Immoral. It's wrong to judge someone solely based on where they come from or what color their skin is. Certain behaviors and abilities shouldn't be tied to a specific race, nor should anyone be shunned for finding love outside his or her own race.

First of all, all of us have the ability to be successful. Race should not play a factor in what we can and cannot do. No one should be looked down upon simply because they don't look "American". The way most people consider it, none of us are truly American. At one point or another almost everyone living in this country can trace their ancestry to a "foreign" place.

Secondly, people don't behave in a specific way just because of their heritage. There are good people in this world from all backgrounds who are good and bad. Environment can play a role in human behavior both negatively and positively and people from the most challenging circumstances can overcome adversity no matter what their skin color is.

Finally, race should not be a boundary for love. If two people are truly in love, the color of their skin should not keep them apart. Letting other people tell us what to think or feel is allowing them to dictate how we live our lives. A certain amount of freedom is lost, and isn't freedom what being a member of this country is all about?


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    • onetouchnewlife profile image

      Albert Kivak 

      5 years ago from Cemetary

      You were gifted even as a child. I wish there was more. :\

    • Kamalesh050 profile image


      5 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India

      Welcome to HubPages! I have liked your poem - it is Beautiful. Keep writing.

      Best Wishes, Kamalesh


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