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Poetry by GalaxyRat

Updated on May 28, 2017
GalaxyRat profile image

GalaxyRat is fond of rats and writing. And dark poetry. She knows that people don't like all these things together... but who cares?

Empty House
Empty House | Source

Empty House

Creaks of the rotting floorboard,

Groans of the ancient staircase,

Wails of the rusty door hinges,

This is the heart of a lonely person.

Her Addiction
Her Addiction | Source

Her Addiction: A Poem About Drugs

Standing in the doorway,

Gentle as a blue jay,

She seems to be open,

When really she's just coping.

Trying to solve problems with those drugs and pills,

Trying to make sense of it all with stuff that kills,

She craves that next high now,

Because she just hit a new low.

At Your Grave
At Your Grave | Source

At Your Grave: A Poem about Drunk Driving

You told me he invited you to the bar tonight,

Even though you're underage.

You told me he said it would be cool to go a few rounds,

And that he got you in the illegal way.

I told you not to go,

But you went, and became beer's slave,

And you took the car,

So now I'm singing this to your grave.

This Copyright...

The copyright is for the pictures and the poems. If you want to use the photos for personal use (wallpapers, presentations at work, etc) you may, but you must say who took it in workplace and school senerios. If you want to borrow the poems for an essay or something, you can tell me below, and include the copyright in your essay (copyright 2017 GalaxyRat). Ask me below for more information.

© 2017 GalaxyRat


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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 6 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Thanks Flourish. "Rattie" will surely do more!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 6 months ago from USA

      This is wonderful original work, GalaxyRat! Do more, Rattie!

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 6 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Thanks, Kiss andTales. I put hard work into these poems so that kids that stumble across this Hub would get that drugs and such are wrong. Thanks again!

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 6 months ago

      Very expressive poetry ! I love that your message is loud and clear not lost with alternative words .but even a child would get the point.

      Good work Galaxy !