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Poetry by J.S. Allen, AVALON

Updated on November 6, 2007


There is a porch in Avalon

Where days come rushing to,

Chasing the blush of sunset.

Tracked are they by a peeping moon

Arching its mountained backs

Like cats writhing on a carpet.

As day surrenders and shadows dance,

Stars awake, their skies enhance.

Scurrying quail hide from prying eyes.

All unwound whether wounded or won.

Ocean breaths whisper wetly.

Sinking softly in the night leaved trees

It is the time of peaceful Truth.

A space for love is left,

Becoming one in consciousness

Knits hearts spun intimately

Toast and trust tomorrow

Together on Avalon's porch.

Copyright J.S. Allen, all rights reserved,

Published with permission by Earth Angel Publishing


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  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 6 years ago

    Thank you so much! The author will be thrilled!! Blessings, Earth Angel!

  • iguidenetwork profile image

    iguidenetwork 6 years ago from Austin, TX

    Wonderful words.....really lovely lines!!!

  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 6 years ago

    Dearest Ubani! So glad you are leading the renewed Poetry Movement at HubPages! When HubPages first started, poetry was a delightful and important spoke in the Hub! You are doing a wonderful job of bringing it back into the spotlight! Thank you! Blessings, Earth Angel! P.S. Yes, J.S. Allen creates many of his own words, primarily turning nouns into verbs! Have a GREAT day!

  • ubanichijioke profile image

    Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

    I love this poem especially the personified words

    'stars awake, their skies enhance'


  • AuraGem profile image

    AuraGem 10 years ago from Victoria, Australia

    "Toast and trust" - lovely,cosy, comfy, homeliness here. Words paired in alliterative sync create little magnetic cells throughout the poem.


    Smiles and Light

  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 10 years ago

    Happy Birthday J.S. Allen!! May your 4th set of 25 years be blessed with joy and trust and tenderness!! Keep writing!! Earth Angel Blessings Always!!