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Poems by Wirral's Unknown Spiritual Teacher

Updated on May 3, 2023
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Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.

Wirral's Unknown Mystic!

Thomas Joseph Walton was a very private man, who deliberately removed himself and his family to a quiet corner of the WIrral peninsula in Cheshire, England, so that he could pursue his chosen life in peace, without interruption from the media or from casual curiosity mongers.

He was devoted to his wife, Vera, and to his four children - two sons and two daughters - and to his grandchildren, nephews and nieces. One niece, of whom he was particularly fond, assisted him by typing up his manuscripts of poetry and spiritual teachings.

His self-published works, including his philosophical treatise Divine Will, are almost impossible to find, as copies were handed to his small group of pupils and to family and friends. Copies also exist in various private libraries and also in the National Library of Scotland, and on very rare occasions independent and antiquarian booksellers offer them for sale.

Tom, or 'T' as he was usually known by his pupils, asked me to find a way to pass on his writings. He assured me there would be no problems over Copyright or similar issues; I have his full permission to distribute his work as I see fit.


Tom had a great love of poetry, particularly the works of Thomas Moore (1779 - 1852), who's traditional, rhyming heavily influenced Tom's own.

Below are two of Tom's poems. His poetry was woven through with his philosophy - and while his frame of reference was Christian, the metaphysics went far beyond fundamentalist dogma, drawing instead from ancient hidden traditions. For example, while in I Am! he uses the terms 'heaven' and 'hell', he most certainly is not referring to medieval concepts of tweaking harps on fluffy clouds or any torturous inferno staffed by hob-goblins.

To learn more about Tom, use the link below.

Map of Wirral, England.

Discover the Artisan-Sorcerer series of urban fantasy/paranormal fantasy by Adele Cosgrove-Bray.
Discover the Artisan-Sorcerer series of urban fantasy/paranormal fantasy by Adele Cosgrove-Bray. | Source


Greetings!, lonely wanderer, seeker of the way,

Grasp my hand to guide you from darkness unto day,

Climb the path of sorrow, take my hand so true,

Pledge your word, your bondage, one of the chosen few.

Your futile search in darkness on the mountain road to Hod

For Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, the Holy Palace of God,

Veiled this Glorious Trinity, this search for Chokmah,

This light eternal shining, you found it in Binah.

Mercy was your blessing; Balance, in birth - decay;

Peace, your ray of glory; Love, to light your way.

Hark to the inborn knowledge of aeons past and gone,

Eternal thou awakenings of Psyche with Earth and Sun.

The shadows hasten quickly, your light I saw afar,

Welcome, though immortal, brighter than the star!

Come, climb with me o’er mountain, surmount its highest peak,

The road to the Mystic’s Temple, altar of the silent meek.

Go, stand upon the portal, knock upon the door,

Give the ‘Word’, the message, learned by you in ‘Law’.

Enter in the Temple, silent, all alone,

Bow to the eastern splendour locked in rock and stone.

Candles flickering brightly all in perfect line,

Lit by the hand of purity conscious of ‘Law Divine’.

Gaze on the seven jewels, each a different hue,

Standing in a triad, in a square set true.

Nine crested gongs hanging by their throat

All chimed in perfect rhythm, the perfect long lost note.

Twelve open porchways, each a separate seat,

Emblazoned all in beauty, red and black so neat.

The mystic twelve have called you with ‘Wisdom’ from ‘Divine’

To illuminate your darkness, the path of truth through time.

Come, give your trust, devotion. Cast away that fear,

Take this ‘Word’ and blessing, the light that is no near.

Many leagues have you travelled to seek this inner light

From the day you made that promise, a stumbling Neophyte.

Rise, my dear brother, take this word and sign

Handed down in nature, spoke in law divine.

Go, take this peaceful message out to the world beyond,

Pave the way to paradise, guardian of the master’s wand.

Give this truth, this lesson, to every living soul,

Guide them all though darkness to attain the mystic’s goal.

Smile through your tears of sorrow though to the cross you are nailed,

Walk ‘The Path of Eternity’, the path of ‘Truth’ kept ‘Veiled’.

By Thomas Joseph Walton (AKA West Cheshire Lad), published here with the author's full permission.

I Am

I am the gleam mirrored in the eye,

The laugh and cry.

I am the name of all, the Nameless One,

The murmur never done.

I am neither young nor old,

Never hot, never cold.

I am the wind of change, the same,

The fleet of foot and lame.

I am the voice echoing though time,

The dark and light divine.

I am present in skin and bone,

Also without and locked within.

I am the song of death and eternity,

The life, toil, rest and pity.

I am the giant wave, the ripple,

The Fairborn, hunchback and cripple.

I am joy, the cry in the night,

The taker and giver of sight.

I am love, the power to perfection,

The will to strive for thought’s direction.

I am the vulture, the peaceful dove,

The same below as up above.

I am all mater and space,

The joys of blissful grace.

I am the hawk on the wing,

The music of nightingales I bring.

I am the planter of the seed,

Aye, - the doer of the deed.

I am the mighty atom, the pulsating cell,

Lord over heaven, Master over hell.

I am the giant and the fly,

For nothing is without I.

I am the shell and the gun,

I am, when all is done.

I am Law, Order, Rule and Plan,

Because - I AM!


By Thomas Joseph Walton (AKA West Cheshire Lad), published here with the author's full permission.

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© 2010 Adele Cosgrove-Bray


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