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Poetry for True Lovers

Updated on February 28, 2010

Lynwood Scott F.

The Inspiration- RUMI

This is a different kind of love- not usually maintained - maybe the most true and pure- the love of something higher than yourself. Rumi was a Sufi Mystic. He wrote mostly about the ecstasy related to the love of god. Now some of his poetry was related to human love- but not the majority. He often wrote about god in the form of a love affair- maybe the ultimate. So this is a favorite poem that I put down by Rumi. My devotion is related to my father who has passed on. Someone I love deeply. Why can't we speak about god as the ultimate lover- creation speaks of his intelligence, thought into every tiny detail of existence- almost like an artist who is so full of passion and creativity when he paints, writes music- it is being caught by a stream of raptureous love-is it not? . If we are extensions of an extreme source of love , then why would be not be in complete rapture when we addressed or realized our source. I think mystery, rapture, bliss and compassion are words that do not give our source the truth/respect it deserves, but they are so much more positive than the Christian rhetoric. (I am not referring to anything like sexual lust- for all you westerners that cannot think outside the box.)


O lovers, lovers it is time

to set out from the world.

I hear a drum in my soul's ear

coming from the depths of the stars,

Our camel driver is at work

the caravan is being readied.

He asks that we forgive him

for the disturbance he has caused us.

He asks why we travelers are asleep.

Everywhere the murmur of departure:

the stars, the candles

thrust at us from behind blue veils.

and as if to make the invisible plain,

a wonderous people have come forth.


The Divani Shamsi Tabriz, XXXVI

Love's Inspiration Written

Dreaming in Two Directions

I keep listening for an echo or a wave

Of light

A tiny particle that might have been left behind. .

Circling the cosmos is the only real truth

My spirit travels in limited space

His spirit crosses dimensions

It is not easy to let go

To live in flesh and bone

He relaxes into wonder

The departed flee like birds who fly too high and

Lose sight of earth

Their silhouette speaks to us

It is not enough

Listen like a hunter

Divine rhythms echo in the wild mist

Of my mind

I let my heart regain its balance but

Our beloved took the rhythm with him.

I have to learn to play a

different part of my heart

The beat is strange and awkward.

Invisible gestures stream across the cosmos

His thoughts are light and fast

The nature of him is too wide for words

And we spin on and on

Whirling through times tunnel

Non-physical beings smile and

A butterfly flutters

A monsoon of emotion moves through my soul

his soul explodes with love


The Grand dreamer ‘s dreams in both



 k.l.f.p. 2008






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    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      I love poetry and these two are really soul filling. Thankyou. I invite you to also check out some of my Hub writings. I believe you will enjoy them they are quite uplifting.


      Brother Dave Mathews


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