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Poetry from rural North Carolina

Updated on October 25, 2012

Where I met Jesus

The woods where Jesus Came to Me
The woods where Jesus Came to Me

The Day Jesus Came to Me

The Day Jesus Came to Me

The night was silent, no moon, and no stars in sight,

The air was thick there was no light,

Then it started, slowly at first, small little flakes drifting to earth,

Quiet and fluffy each flake fell so slowly onto the dirt,

Suddenly the flakes got bigger and faster they fell,

The ground would be covered in minutes all too well,

It was beautiful and cold and silent around me,

Snow, beautiful snow was all I could see,

It seemed to be only minutes as the ground grew white,

Everything and everybody seemed to melt out of sight.

Then in the distance I heard faintly and softly someone calling my name,

A faint glow from that direction seemed to flicker softly as that of a flame,

Slowly it grew in intensity as the snow softly fell around me,

Until finally the silhouette of a man I could slightly see,

Once again I heard my name being softly and quietly called,

I stood very still, I listened, holding my breath, but there wasn’t any other sound,

I turned my head looking and listening from side to side, there wasn’t another soul around,

The image was getting closer and the snow seemed to be falling faster than before,

My name I heard called once again and it seemed to go through me to the core,

The image was close enough now for me to see a man dressed in a white cloak,

His smile was so sweet my throat seemed to close up and I thought I might choke,

He seemed to know what I was feeling, he smiled again and I seemed to hear,

There’s nothing for you to be afraid of my child so have no fear,

I looked up into the bluest eyes I had ever seen in my entire life,

But instead of fear I felt peace grow like a flower all the way to my feet,

I noticed his robe seemed to be glowing and was whiter than the whitest sheet.

I felt like I was going to fall, but he reached out his hand and touched my arm,

With that touch I felt better and for once in my life there was no alarm,

Peace and love seemed to flow around us, between us, like the colors of the rainbow,

Instinctively, I fell to my knees and my head I bowed very low,

For I knew I was in the presence of my loving savior, Jesus,

Snow was still falling around us swirling and drifting to the ground,

Except in our immediate area it wasn’t snowing, and there wasn’t a sound,

His hand touched my shoulder and I heard him whisper my name again as he helped me up,

I looked into his face and eyes, and tears started falling as if from an overfilled cup,

My heart seemed to be filled with a love, and peace I had never felt in life,

Gone were the worries, fear, heartbreak, longing and life’s strife,

That moment, I knew my life had been changed, in the blink of an eye,

I looked up at him with wonder, thinking of all people in the world why,

Why would you come to me and cleanse my spirit in this wondrous way,

I thought, I must be dreaming, but I heard him softly say,

I have need of you to do my work here on earth for a change,

What could I possibly do for my Lord, me with my hands sin stained?

He smiled again and told me I would know when the moment was right,

Then he seemed to back away and to fade slowly out of my sight,

I wanted to shout, wait; don’t leave me here all alone,

I heard his voice say I am with you, but his image was gone,

I blinked and looked around me at the snow still softly falling to the ground,

All I could now hear were the birds softly chirping and by own breathing making any sounds,

I know this seems preposterous to most of the world out there,

But he can come to you also when you are in deep despair,

You don’t need to find snow falling or a wooded place,

He will be there when you are ready, your sins to face,

Just clear your mind and welcome him into your heart,

But, remember, he already knows when you are ready he has been with your from the start!

December 24, 2009





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