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Poetry love

Updated on November 20, 2014

Poetry the Old Fashioned Way

For the love of Poetry

I have a love of Poetry. I have been writing poetry since I was about 10 years old. However, high school is truly when I had gotten involved with poetry. I learned the meaning of emotion, and the words behind them. I have forgotten much of my teaching since high school, and I realize that I am even spell checking simple words that I did not have to before. So back to the most simple and emotional form of literature: Poetry.

(Note: these are all written personally by me)

Passing Time

I'm just passing time

Till I see your shining face

Your an addiction of mine

Missing the warmth of your embrace

The soft look in your eyes

Remember the music

We used to listen to?

Back then there were no lies

I'm missing you

And until we meet again

I will just be passing time.


I'm torn between duty and selfishness

I know I must pull myself

Through this mess

The truth's transparency

The lies that won't let me be

My body is shaking While

my heart is steadily breaking

Sight Unseen

This sight inside my soul

Shows stories untold

Giving word without speaking

Taking love without receiving

An art well defined

Yet the human heart

Walks the line

Learn to write poetry

Poetry from the Heart

Poetry is a means of speaking from the heart. Bringing to life your emotions into words. When you can form these words in an understanding for others, and touch them deeply with them. Then you know you have succeeded in becoming a true poet. Speak not what others want you to speak, but rather speak your mind and share your thoughts.


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