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Poetry of the times

Updated on July 12, 2016


Ahh time to rise and grind.

The slogan of a people,
In a system they don't even know they in,
But didn't they do something to get there?
Naw brother that's where we begin,
But some of us got money right,
Okay? But how much do is saved & spent,
How much is paid in tithes,
N how much is lent,
How much goes to the black economy,
Not 1 cent!!!
Think about it,
Are we really free?.
The media feeds you half knowledge,
Money and time management keep us in bondage,
Keep us embalming,
The dead things in our lives,
Like we need them to prosper,
I'm just seeking the father,
Like my boy was seeking the bottle,
Made him a little hostile,
Poor brother will never finish high school,
The slave mentality,
Dragging me,
Anamosity attacking me,
Cops want to cuff me and smack me,
Send me back when they had me,
But I know better than to retaliate,
The government like Aw man aww man,
Here we go again awwww man,
He to close to his promise,
Don't let him do that,
Can't let him do that ,
Won't let him do that,
Let's put a block in that road,
Ain't no crossing that,
Put these books in the way n send that dumb negro boy back,
Back to the hood,
That's where he from right?
Oh you can read? Your knowledge gotta be tamed,
Jimbo get that rope and let this negro boy hang,
I hear that and im supposed to respond with a no sir no Mr white man no sir cause that's respect right,
Never again he ain't the master of my life,
Black excellence at its finest,
Fighting a fight by contributing knowledge,
And the only thing violent,
The mindset of a black man,
That just discovered his power,
To illustrate in the minds,
And demonstrate in the physical,
These words aren't metaphorical,
Audience take it literal,
Cause when your melanan up,
They want to break you down,
But I won't repeat history,
I'm taking back my crown.


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