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Poetry- the Soul of Writing

Updated on August 21, 2013
Words alive on  floating clouds, for poets fair to use, expound.
Words alive on floating clouds, for poets fair to use, expound.

Poetry- the Soul of Writing

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The depth achieved by poetic phrase is to me a great enticement to savour the art. My life’s love of poetry is well-known on Hubpages and this hub, celebrating my 100th, I thought should express my love of the written word. Hope you guys enjoy it.


By Tony DeLorger © (28/06/06)

Aberrations of human thought litter the mind,

like rubbish in darkened alleyways.

Refuse riddled and blinded to the landscape beneath,

we ignore the dark illusive notions that seem to propagate themselves,

living through our momentary lapses of control.

Well hidden from cognisance, these mis-thoughts lurk,

adjacent to reality, but willing to take hold at any opportunity.

I ponder the deep and darkest souls who have fallen to these mis-thoughts,

and see that I am but one thread away, as they.

If not for that sense God gave me, I would slither with them,

darkened and soulless I would become.

So let mankind flourish, a thread away from madness,

and hope that the world of folly can maintain that infinitesimal thread.

For madness lurks in all of us, awaiting our falter,

its passage to ascension.


Tony DeLorger © (10/08/06)

Beneath the majestic elm I lay on the cold rich earth,

Peering up into the endless radiations of branches,

Sunlight gently dusting the leaves and entering the inner sanctum

Of this pure edifice with a million dots of light.

The earth smells of moist mulch and the textured bark felt at sight.

The air is fresh and pungent with the scent of pollens and musty moulds.

I can feel the life within this giant, surging under where I lay,

And it awakens me to simplicity, and the gift bestowed upon us.

This is home.


Tony DeLorger © (10/08/06)

Temporary insanity is likely to be my plea,

For I’ve lost the fundamentals, of what justice used to be.

You see I mistakenly let a motorist in, when I should have snubbed him off,

And the impatient arsehole behind me, lead-footed began to scoff.

By having right of way you see, then stopping for another,

I’d forgone that ‘back-ending rule’- my fault decides my brother.

So he slams me from behind real hard, and half breaks his bloody neck,

And now it seems he’ll sue me, convalescence me to cheque.

All this because I was courteous, and thought of someone else,

Next time I’ll be an arsehole too, and keep to my own self.

Tempest Roar

By Tony DeLorger © (3/07/06)

Tempest roar and gallows swing, on the edge of life with hope I swing.

Callous minds remiss of care, idle stand with heartless stare.

And lure weakened souls into the periphery of life.

To wield their will and taunt us still, alone in the silent darkness.

Their sight is but the demon seed, of which we clench within.

A darkness we more often hold, blinded by the lying told.

But we alone must face the light, those hardened minds away from sight.

And grasp the breath of life within, and drag our battered souls from sin.

It is we, who breed the darkness and wallow in its proclivity,

and take those malevolent fears and dread, and clothe ourselves

the truth unsaid.

For resolve it is that we must make, and deny this seed for our own sake.

Life awaits us in the light, removed from darkened shadows plight.


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    • mylife=adventure profile image

      Casey Coulter 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      I also like to drop in and out of poetry...myself the favorite of mine on this page is Tempest Roar. It has great flow and you can interpret it in many different ways.

      Stay True and Happy...Mylife

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I am a Poet.It is good to see a hub that is good for writers.