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Updated on March 27, 2015


Here I sit and think and write,

......Through the day.......

......Through the night.......

Onward through the fields winds spiral, down the falls the water drops, to seek the streams, the valleys low, to reach the highest mountain top.

On this walk of intense blindness, there walked a man who seek mens kindness, the kindness that comes from mans soul.....

The Natives served the Buffalo.

Across western sands this mans feet marched, he walked alone, alone in search, of this kindness he was shown,

The corn,

The stalks,

The meats,

Fish bones.

This man who walked so steadily,

Had not realized the kindness seek,

Was in the heart he walked around,........With him it walked across life's sands, lending out his helping hands.

On the day that he lye dying, loved ones around him stand,



Because this kindness he so sought, this kind of kindness can't be bought, would lye to rest in this mans grave, he walked around his love it shined, in a manner of kindness,

.....Hope refined......

The welcome voice of thee who gifted, this man who had no love restricted, showed the natives how to fight, the men who creep in through the night......

The tribes the man he knew would fall,

Like that water down the fall,

Yet they would stand, and they would fight, for what was there's, and what was right.

This man he walks the stars today,,,His soul is that of the moonbeams light,

He walked to love, to care, to fight, for the kindness that's the earthly light.


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