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The Melting Pot

Updated on November 2, 2015

We'll rhyme and rhyme and rhyme until our eyes are red from spying the crimes, committed by those that can read signs, on those who s third eye has gone and left blind, keeping them suck on fool like 9/11 or columbine and from being able to combine the dots that lead to the truth about our history, their agendas and the sublime, Horus Jesus Zues whats the difference? Theyre all inside, of me, of him, of her, of you, instead you choose to lie and snooze, and your own power refuse, choosing to be zombies and junkies instead of turning muse, so til then with lyrics we will amuse i assumed as out of my body i went and i flew, looked down at the world from my astral view,zoom, zoom zoom, like harry potter on his nimbus 2000 broom, like magic we will combine both sides like wife and groom, an outlaw out raw like ten goons that just broke out of jail but hell already blooms among you already just watch the 6pm news, in the city labeled the melting pot like we're boiling stew, like witches do, like witches stew, with eyes of a tiger and feathers of a goose, bats tail goes gloop as its dropped in the soup, as shadows dance in circles doing loopty loops, everyone gets scared when they get woken up bya loud boom, sound all the trumpets, all through the sun and the moon, until all those who soul would loose, all hope, all faith and to desperate measures turn to, just trying to get by and get through, in a system that keeps us in constant state of servitude, first choose to change their minds and attitude, then change their surrounding longitude and latitude, thinking instead thoughts of gratitude, negative with positives we will substitute, until it becomes habit, as easy as one and two, and through the darkness we will reach the light who, they say is at the end of the tunnel expanded and grew, once it was followed and led to what they call Heaven, God, or the real You.


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