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Updated on April 17, 2011

poet, poets, poem, poems, poetry...

you write

shit poems

under different aliases






or two

or even three

words per line

constitutes a poem?

its fricken rediculous

anyone with

more then ten

online personas

at the one


must be

a little

funny in the


doncha think?


when they

comment on their

own poems

pretending their

not themself

my advice

don't reach for the drink

go see a shrink

Learn how to write good poetry

Not like the crap I just did above.

Read on, you might learn something.

What Is A Poem? What Is Poetry?

Poetry is a form of literature that expresses emotion or imaginative thought in rhythmic language. Poetry has been defined in many ways, and in the nature of the case the term means different things under different conditions. It is usually concerned with feelings of greater complexity and intensity than is prose.

To sustain, emphasize, and shape these feelings, poets employ such resources as rhyme, meter, stanza forms, and lines of a limited length. Such features provide a ready way of distinguishing poetry from prose. A more genuine distinction, however, arises from the fact that poetry and prose are suited to different types of expression. Prose is best adapted to communicating specific information clearly, but poetry undertakes the expression of exceptional emotions and ideas. Poetry explores the unfamiliar or renders ordinary thoughts fresh and vivid through the imaginative use of language.

In general, it may be defined as emotional and imaginative discourse in metrical form that is the representation of experiences or ideas with special reference to their emotional significance, in language characterized by imagery and rhythmic sound. On the side of concrete imagery the art of poetry is closely related to the arts of painting and sculpture, but it differs from these in that it is better adapted to the representation of continuity and movement, and also in that it can make use of purely abstract ideas as well as images. On the side of rhythmic sound it is closely related to music, but it differs from the latter in its capacity to represent both concrete and abstract ideas with some exactness. If the subject matter is viewed by the poet objectively, the poetry may be narrative or descriptive; if subjectively, the poetry is lyric.

Dramatic poetry combines these two points of view: it is objective for the poet, but presents the material subjectively through imagined personalities. Since poetry may deal with general as well as concrete subject matter, there also occurs a type best called expository or didactic, but this, because of its small use of emotional values and imaginative expression, exists, as it were, close to the borders of prose.

Poetry is the most primitive of the literary arts. That is, it normally develops before prose literature. Poetry as a form of literary expression, is distinguished from prose by a characteristic use of meter and line. However, its form and use are flexible and the difference between prose and poetry may not always be easy to define.

Two theories of its origin have been proposed : (1) that it arises from the elaboration and beautifying of prose discourse, and (2) that it arises from emotional utterance in connection with song and dance. The latter view is the more widely held, and appears to be supported by evidence still observable among primitive peoples. That is, primitive man often expresses the emotional aspects of common experiences by means of a kind of communal art which includes music, dancing, and simple verse, each element at first inseparable from the others. As time goes on, there is a tendency to differentiate the individual singer, composer, or poet from the group, and eventually to differentiate the arts of music, verse, and dancing. There is also a marked tendency, as civilization advances, to diminish the physical or sensuous aspects of emotional expression and to increase the intellectual or reflective so that poetry, originally existing only for vocal utterance, eventually becomes a thing to be read and even to be read silently. But the rhythmic form remains as evidence of poetry's original connection with the other rhythmic arts.

The persistence of this element is due, of course, not merely to historic, but also to psychological reasons, for rhythmic form furnishes a means of expressing emotion and at the same time of keeping it under control, and this is an essential condition of art. Moreover, by transforming the movement of ordinary speech without depriving it of its normal meanings, rhythmic form seems to symbolize that idealization of reality which is another usual condition of artistic expression.

Types of Poetry

Poetry may be classified into three major categories, lyric, narrative, and dramatic, as well as a number of minor ones. While there is considerable variety in each of these categories, the poems within them have significant features in common.

Poetry Style

Poetry is affected by changes in taste. These changes are the results of historical events, discoveries, and new ideas that influence people's notions of themselves, the universe they live in, and their relations to each other. One historical period may prefer poetry that is clear, direct, and straightforward; another may prefer subtlety and indirection.


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    • Several Ninjas profile image

      Several Ninjas 7 years ago

      thank you teshaun for reading moi lil masterpiece on poets

    • Teshaun Jenea profile image

      Teshaun Jenea 7 years ago from Indiana

      lol indeed

    • Several Ninjas profile image

      Several Ninjas 7 years ago

      thanx to u both for commending me on my poetry genius!

      (that is what you were doing, right? LOL)

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 7 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      I don't

      Read poems


      But this one's








    • Teshaun Jenea profile image

      Teshaun Jenea 7 years ago from Indiana

      Well its obvious what ticks yall off lol

    • Several Ninjas profile image

      Several Ninjas 7 years ago

      I'm always up for a challenge