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"Point Blank, Texas"

Updated on February 6, 2015

I have been to Point Blank, Texas...and there wasn't much there at all...

If you trip on the edge of the city might be out of town before you fall.

Point Blank, Texas....where there isn't...really that much there...

Unless you like plenty of East Texas Rolling Hills...and lots of fresh country air.


Down near Lake Livingston...they have plenty of good livin' going on...

Kind'a takes me a good ol' Willie and Waylon "Luckenbach, Texas" song.

(*) "This successful life we're living..." got us getting one step closer to being plumb crazy...

I just want to be...where the Pine Tree branches wave to me...Sitting on a porch by the Lake...being lazy.

Simple place where a couple of farm roads meet...along the Lake's main highway...

Not too far from any Marina...So that you can keep the fishin' going on though the day.

Catch yourself a Nice Catfish...out where the ol' road sinks down into Stephen's Creek...

Run you a nice trotline anywhere nearby...You'll have a ton of ' the end of the week.

Launch your boat...and let the outdoors and the water...take you far away from the known world around...

Now...who is it that can still say...that there ain't a lot going this Little 'Ol Lakeside town?

I have been to Point Blank, Texas...several times...and there was nothing there...Should I be surprised ?

I would love to be there at this very moment...'Cause the simpler places in life are the best...I have finally realized.

You know...I'm from Texas...and a lot of places don't make the news as the greatest resort location...

That's Ok...I'll have the whole place for relax and enjoy while I'm on a long Vacation.

Juz' give me a Lot where I can see the Lake...and a place nearby to dock my boat...and a breeze under the shade of the trees...

And Promise me...Dear Lord...that I can spend the rest of my life here...Sheltered beneath these Piney Woods...Please, Dear Lord, Please!

Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved for this one about: "Point Blank, Texas". As Written By: Manly Poetry Man. (*) "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)" was a popular song sung by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. It was released in April of 1977.


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