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Poisoned Tongue

Updated on June 18, 2017

Why I Bothered To Go

For six months I was besieged by email from people I hadn't seen or heard of for twenty years. Everyone was begging me to come to the class reunion.

For six months I was subjected to such affection by people I hadn't thought of I felt shame. How had I let these friends slip away?

So I spent money I didn't really have to travel so far to attend my High School reunion.

Smiles to Ice

I strode into the venue where the reunion was held with this beatific smile on my face, ready to be embraced and kissed and spend the next hours in warmth and love.

A few people I didn't know greeted me, those I remembered looked at me as if I were a fungus.

These were the same people who had spent six months begging me to come.

I couldn't understand what happened. How could they have entreated me to come, written such loving emails and now that I was here, acted as if they were a phone call from having the police bodily remove me?

I saw someone I had known, Cathy, who was obviously speaking about me to another. Before I could move towards her, Millie, who had been so close to me when we were in school, said, "Why don't you leave? No one wants you here!"

And I saw a smile play about Cathy's lips as I froze, then walked to the door.

Who Cathy Was

If I had to list my friends in High School, Cathy would probably not make it.

She had hovered around my circle but wasn't part of it. I had been friendly towards her for she had no friends.

Cathy used to say I was her 'best' friend and Millie used to admit I was her only friend. No one liked her.

I remember someone saying 'Cathy is in love with you', which made me feel extremely weird.

Then High School ended, and I went off to University. I lost contact with everyone fairly quickly because they had never been that important in my life.

They were 'school friends' as opposed to friends.

Then I met John, we became serious and married.

About two months later, Cathy emailed me. I'd received an award, it was publicized and I got a handful of messages from school mates who'd written me at the University where all students had emails.

Cathy wrote a long somewhat embarrassingly affectionate missive, stating that she was coming to visit me. John and I lived in a small flat and I told her this.

She seemed so angry I had married. Her words were so unpleasant I blocked her address.

I began to receive unpleasant emails from odd names. I knew it was Cathy so ceased to use my University account.

What she did

After leaving the reunion and getting home I found a very ugly email from Millie.

She attacked me, citing all sorts of 'betrayals'; pin pointing actions I never did twenty years ago.

Millie ended her unfortunate message, unnecessarily, mentioning Cathy.

I had already realised Cathy had spent twenty years hating me.

She must have learned I was coming a day or so ago and had gone into overdrive poisoning everyone who had been in my circle so that she could gain the vicarious pleasure of seeing me scorned.

Of course, considering that there were dusty old emails from people who had liked me, i suspected a few functioning brains would realise what happened then attempt a rapprochement.

I deleted my account so that I would never hear from these people again.


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