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Poisonous Resolutions (poetry)

Updated on February 2, 2013


Troubled stares; Uncomprehending glances

Sighs of exasperation, like wind between trees

Murmurs and gossip as prevalent and useless as weeds

It's all just poison to his existence


Government bureaucracies; Workplace hierarchies

Fanciful dreams of the middle management

Is Hell a place, or reality?

Either way, they're all just poison to his existence.


Two-faced friends, and Wary-eyed women

Charades of the uncaring

Why don't they just die

Because they're all just poison to his existence.


Beings eternal, and things unseen

What could they mean?

Why won't they let him be?

Are they poison to his existence?


There's love, and there's mercy

Who can argue with them?

How great does it feel to be intertwined

Surely there is no poison here.


Troubled stares; Uncomprehending glances

Government bureaucracies; Workplace hierarchies

Two-faced friends and wary-eyed women

You have been discarded.


Hello love, hello grace, and hello life.


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