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Martial Law

Updated on May 27, 2017

Martial Law

In late 18th century France during the end of the revolution the military, headed by General Napoleon Bonaparte, declared an act of marital law. The Federal government was considered to be very weak and feeble. They were no longer strong enough to run a nation.

During the 2016 Presidential U.S. election, many Americans feared that their nation would face a similar fate. There was a common fear in the nation that a political crime family would return to Washington and run a reign of terror. The country would then become chaotic forcing the Pentagon to take matters into their own hands.

The country would then become chaotic forcing the Pentagon to take matters into their own hands. This would lead to martial law, or the end of the free world as the West knew it.

Fear was running on the streets. Two political crime families ran the U.S. from the early 90s to 2008. The two reigns were followed by the rise of Dear Leader, a president that ran a country with 0% positive economic growth in a whole 8 years.

The 2010's would be a time of dying American cities, welfare abuse would run rampant on the U.S. streets. More people in the United States were looking for jobs than jobs themselves. That also does not count the millions of Americans that gave up looking completely and decided to collect unemployment.

In the end of Dear Leader's administration, the President of Isreal declared that his nation would defend themselves from Iran with or without the backing of the U.S. That lead many on the far right to believe that the true leader of the free world was the president of Isreal and not the U.S.

Many Americans wanted to see the impeachment of Dear Leader by 2016. During the Presidential election of 2016 half of the country feared the outcome of the election.

The fear was that drivers license would be given to illegal aliens who would use them to vote Democrat. The other fear was that the Democrat candidate would count people who had been dead since the 1940s to vote for their candidate.

However, the popular fear was finally that once all of the corruption went down their candidate would not be able to guide the country through a two-front war. The generals would become furious, and the order from the Pentagon would be to declare martial law. They would simply out the president. The entire U.S. would no longer exist in its original state.

They would simply out the president. The entire U.S. would no longer exist in its original state.

During the debate, many Americans watching feared the possible outcome of the election. As though that they were watching the end of their free republic or democracy unfold right before them.


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