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Inside the Global Crime Syndicate

Updated on April 14, 2017

King Stevie had just been elected a local State Rep in Boston, Massachusetts. Only the hierarchy who work for Mass port at the city’s Airport, King Stevie’s own district, could vote for him. King Stevie lived at an airport hotel suite and owned a tavern at Bennington and Brooks streets in East Boston (Eastie to locals), the airports surrounding the neighborhood.

King Stevie won in the 2012 election, a significant year for local, state, and federal politics. The same year that Dear Leader, Liar Warta, and the rest of the Democratic party won elections all across the nation. They came in with a machine, that took the nation like an unstoppable rebel force. They were funded by various government transition programs, that none of their Republican in Name only (RINO) opponents would mention in local, state, and federal debates.

The Democrats won not because they were fierce, but because the RINOs were timid. In the end, millions of conservatives did not come to the polls because there will be broken, with the rest of middle America. It was obvious that the backbone of middle America was broken.

The rust belt was dying, and 70,000 factories were closing shop in the nation and conducting business elsewhere. Where they would blood money to foreign socialist and communist governments. However, times were good for King Stevie in Boston and the rest of the Global Crime Syndicate, (GCS).

The GCS were completely funded by transition programs, or what the public use to call welfare. Some of the larger programs were EBT cards, a racket King Stevie ran in Boston. He liked to charge people interest on the card like the mob use to do with juice loans in the 20th century. King Stevie was shylocking EBT cards under the Dear Leader administration. That was exactly what King Stevie was, an EBT card loan shark and corrupt Blue State politician extraordinaire.

The EBT card loan shark was holding court in front of his tavern with his assembly standing in front of his Lincoln Town car. If anyone was not afraid to park his luxury car in front of a tavern this far down in Eastie it was King Stevie.

More than fear he ruled the city by holding something a large segment of its population needed, free money. When the welfare population needs more free cash to live off of and exist they vote for liberal Democrat politicians. Since the days of LBJ in the mid to late 60s, the Democrats have ran half of the country with a saying simply to one of their largest voter bases and demographics, “vote for me, we’ll set you free.”


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