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Politics and issues

Updated on January 21, 2011

Politics and issues

Mother with tissues

Heart burning

The world's turning

I'm yearning to finish this tour of duty

Got nothing left to give

Since constantly surrounded by chaos

fightin' someone else's war

Without respect or retribution

Dazed and confused is how I watch

my brothers and sisters in arms die

Morphine got them high as they take

their last breath



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    • deepthought profile image

      Deep 7 years ago from In the middle of nowhere and worldwide but still that T.O.kid from da north of America

      As I do too. All I hope is that we're losing lifes for the right reason. And not just for power or financial gain.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      So sad when so many don't even care that where fighting or who we are fighting for.God bless the soldiers that protect us every day.I hope and pray they come home safe every day.