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Polls For The Book Lover

Updated on February 25, 2016

Best book you have ever read?

So many authors emerge on a daily basis with new works that are hard to discover. How do you go about finding the perfect book? What are your pet peeves when reading a new novel? What are you currently reading or have recently finished? Input your voice into the comment section.


Romantic novels are largely popular with both genders and tend to describe in detail explicit sexual encounters. Some authors have opted out of the descriptive process and I know many want to know, does that affect the ratings and sales of the book?

Does a novel need to have an explicit love scene to be interesting?

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Non Fiction

Memoirs and Biographies are stories people tell that must captivate the reader and entice him/her to read further. I have read my fair share of memoirs that were stunning from front to back and then I have read a few that simply were not accurate.

When reading a Memoir or Bio, do you research events mentioned when they seem untrue?

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Mystery and Thriller

Who doesn't love a good mystery? There is something about reading a novel and figuring out the story line as you go. However, sometimes the sheer number of different characters confuses the reader.

What is a comfortable number of Characters a novel should have?

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You pick a book that you have been waiting to read and from start to finish, your mind and body are in another world, fighting warlords and cannibals, traveling to another planet and feeling the emotions your characters are feeling.

What aspect do you most appreciate in a Fantasy Novel?

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What matters to you

You are online, browsing through the endless rows of books and you don't necessarily think about the money and the work that has been put into each title. Some readers see the cover and run and others research other aspects of the book before turning it down and moving on to the next.

What matters more when buying a book?

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Penguin book? Nope...

It is easier then ever to publish your book with only a few dollars to start. Many authors refuse to pay high costs to traditional publishers who don't offer much of an advance and only promise small royalty. They take the route of self-publishing. This ensures high royalty rates but not much marketing or design.

Do you care if the book is Self-Published or Traditionally Published?

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Book cover

Some books sport simple covers that catch the readers eye and bring in huge sales! Some, not so much. Hiring a Cover Designer can cost at least an arm and the product does not always turn out as anticipated. Novice authors tend to design their own or pay a small price for an "experienced" designer to create the cover. This is the golden question that everyone wants to know.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

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    • ElvisaM profile image

      Elvisa M 22 months ago from Saint Louis

      Thank you so much! I hope we get some insight into this subject! It would help me, as an author, tremendously.

    • profile image

      Bronwyn Joy Ellio 22 months ago

      Great Hub! I hope that you get a lot of feedback from other people. This is the sort of information that all new writers - Hubbers or otherwise - need. I have shared this on my networks.

      If we still had the option, I would vote it up!