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Pomising Lies

Updated on January 20, 2013

Promising Lies

Pulll me down into the despersate waters.

Hold me there with lust's haulters.

Blackend and souless is the path i am now on.

Darkend and hopeless is the future Ive come upon.

Drown me now in these seas of regret.

Steal my last breath with your lips deathly sweet caress.

Mesmerize my mind with those entrancing greeen eyes.

Make me forget for a moment your promising lies.

Pull me farther and farther down under till my lungs fill with tears of wonder.

Gasping for the bittersweet air of reasoning.

Cutting you ties no longer a puppet on your string .

Kill me softly with the shattered pieces of my broken heart.

Stabbing sweetly the love thathas been keeping us apart.

To Tim "jerk" Beck Zayleen pain 12/25/12


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