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Pompous Birthdays

Updated on September 7, 2014

Birthday is a day of jubilation,

In which we celebrate our Birth ceremoniously.

We feel as if on cloud nine,

With the coming of our Birthdays.

With cakes and gifts,

We celebrate the Day.

Blessings of our elders,

Make it invaluable a day.

Flying about in Rainbow colors,

We hardly want to perch.

The feeling is splendid,

Although it is the game of a single day.

Dressed in myriad colors,

We feel like Elves and Fairies.

Surrounded by Heavenly Fays,

We flamboyantly celebrate the day.

When darkness becomes profound,

The day is virtually over.

We reluctantly go to sleep,

Reminiscing our pleasurable deeds of the day.


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