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Pontificating On The Paltry...Sharing Nature's Last L:augh.

Updated on December 8, 2009


Pontificating On The Paltry, Sharing Nature's Last Laugh.


Before predators

pounce, panicked

tortoises paddle
in petrified strokes

to postpone

being pummeled,
punctuated with gasps

of sweet pure air above.

How they plunge

and they plunk

to escape from the peril

purging any chance

for putrefaction,
by becoming provisions

left in posthumous states.

With plump,

pink entrails

pulled in long

protrusions punctured,
by the pointy sharp teeth

of those prowling for prey.


Paltry tortoises are

puny not proficient

at pounding punks

and not particularly powerful

outside the privacy of

their provided pagoda.

They prefer to play possum....

and are always prepared

to remain peeping toms at peril.

Thus they plummet to

the bottom of their

pacific puddle,
to become just

a prostrate rock

for their pillagers

to ponder.


Thus they persevere

in pigeonholed peace.





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