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Poochie & Rascal - The Second Story In A Comic Series About Pug Rescue And Dog Rescue.

Updated on December 6, 2012

"The Cupcake Caper"

The second story is titled "The Cupcake Caper." The students plan a fundraiser for the school library by initiating a cupcake sale. The mischievous Rascal pours way too much starch in the batter and the cupcakes bake into larger than life cupcakes that eventually blow up in the face of the fundraisers. Students are laughing at the distressed student fundraisers and Poochie while taking pictures on their cellphones and sending them to their friends. Poochie has the idea to charge $1 a picture with the cupcake covered crew and himself to raise money while the other non-tampered cupcakes bake. The students love the idea and soon all the students and their friends are rushing down to the sale to join in the photo fun. The sale is a huge success, despite of and in large part due to Rascal's attempted sabotage. His idea has been thwarted. Follow the link below to read the comic.

The introductory story "Prospect Gets A Pug" is also published on my Hub site.


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