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Poochie & Rascal - The Third Story In A Comic Series About Pug Rescue And Dog Rescue.

Updated on December 6, 2012

"Bark For The Band"

The third story is titled "Bark For The Band." Along the way, Poochie & Rascal meet some of their new dog neighbors. Some are fellow rescue dogs who have found forever homes and some are in foster homes looking to be adopted. Now Poochie plays guitar, sax and sings. Rascal plays guitar, harmonica and sings. The friends they meet along the way are also musicians. Ryker the Boston Terrier and Hannah the Westie are back-up singers. Jet the Siberian Husky plays keyboards. Fast Lane the Greyhound plays stand-up bass. Stix the Beagle/Bulldog mix plays drums. Finally, the horn section consists of Miles the Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix, Otis the Pitbull/ Lab mix and Willie the Boxer/Husky mix. This story is about how all the dogs meet and the formation of the band. Follow the link below to see the comic.

The introductory story "Prospect Gets A Pug" and the second story "The Cupcake Caper" are also published on my Hub site.


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