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"Pool of Blood"

Updated on August 13, 2016

It was a warm day in August at the Jones household as Greg and the two women in his life ran gleefully through the green plush grass surrounding the blue pool, so blue that it looked as if it were filled with window cleaner. Greg’s wife was older than he, but didn’t show her forty-five years. If anything she looked younger than him, by at least a decade. He smiled passionately at her golden blonde hair that glared in the sunlight. Marilyn was beautiful, but modest as she wore a one piece bikini around the yard.
Chasing Marilyn around the pool was Greg’s seventeen year old daughter, Maggie, who was not as modest as her mother with her two piece designer bikini with blue top and red bottoms. Maggie didn’t inherit her mother’s golden hair, she had Greg’s curly brown hair, but unlike her father, she chose to keep it very long and opted to curl it even tighter.
Greg stared happily at his girls as he stood over the grill. At times he couldn’t stop staring to the point of lightly burning the chicken legs that he had marinated in rosemary, garlic, and a nice robust ale the previous night.
“What?” said Maggie catching her dad’s gaze as she stopped dead in her tracks letting her mother pelt her with the lame stream of the light blue pistol, “Ah, mom stop!”
“Is dinner almost ready?” asked Marilyn smiling at her husband.
“Soon,” he answered taking a sip of his canned beer.
“Last dip!” said Maggie running to the pools edge, “Watch me daddy.”
Greg always smiled just a little bit bigger when she called him daddy rather than dad or even worse, father when she was angry with him. She waited until she was sure that her father was watching from his post before bending her knees and jumping up like a rabbit and flipping forward into the pool.
Greg lifted the hinged lid of his steaming grill and felt something in the pit of his stomach that slithered all the way up to the back of his neck. The ground around him went from a light plush green color into a darker shade as the clouds entered the sky from out of nowhere and blocked the sun’s rays from shining down onto the backyard of the Jones’ residence. He felt a singe of heat coming from within the charcoal briquettes as he heard a jolted burning sound. Greg looked down to see nearly a dozen leaves falling through the grates of chicken’s platform. He looked up to the tree that provided him with sun blocking shade to see the leaves dropping down like papery snowflakes as the air got thick and wet around him. A chill erupted from beneath his skin as he thought of his girls.
Maggie erupted from the depths of the water which was now becoming green around her. To her it seemed as if the pool had suddenly grown algae at the bottom. The seaweed green color became darker and darker as the seconds passed. She began to panic at the change that was taking place. The water was now so dark green that it was almost black.
“Mom?” panicked Maggie as she hovered In the center of the pool.
“Get out!” yelled Marilyn out of shear motherly instinct.
Maggie began swimming ferociously towards the edge of the pool to reach her mother who was kneeling on the sidewalk awaiting her arrival nearly having a heart attack inside her body. She stretched out her arms reaching for her child like she was six months old again. The fragile girl made it five feet before the edge when the water refused to let her go any further.
“Maggie, now!” yelled Marilyn to her baby.
“I cant,” she retorted desperately trying to move on, but couldn’t muster anymore strength.
“Greg!” yelled Marilyn already in scared tears, but he was already halfway there.
Greg ran across the once green grass, that was not dying. It felt sharp on the bottoms of his bare feet as he ran slower due to the pain. His feet fell out from under him as the needled grass became a cold sludgy mud. He was sitting on the grass involuntarily and realized that his baby girl need him. He tried to get up, but the mud held his feet from moving too quickly.
Maggie looked over to her father as she reached for her mother as she began to cry tears of fear for her future. Marilyn’s fingers lightly grazed the fingers of her desperate daughter. The mother dropped to her knees and tried to reach further into the air to retrieve her daughter, but she was getting further rather than closer. She now realized that Maggie was being pulled from her into the black watery tomb. As she got deeper and deeper a red liquid secreted into the water.
“No!” screamed Marilyn with tears running down her face.
A bloody gray hand shot out of the water and grabbed Marilyn’s forearm tight, so tight that she could feel her bones and muscles ache in pain.
“Yes,” said a dark, evil voice as she felt the hand pull her inside of the pool to join her daughter.
Greg couldn’t stand, so he began crawling desperately through the thick sludge that tried to hold him captive. The mud began to heat up and was lightly searing his flesh as he crawled to the peril. Just as he got almost close enough to be of any use, Marilyn was pulled into the black and red water with such force that it was as if she were being dragged by a car.
Suddenly, Greg shot awake and looked around the room at his filthy apartment.
“Another fucking dream,” he said aloud reflecting on the fact that his family had died in a car wreck two years earlier as he wondered when these morbid dreams would stop tormenting him.


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