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Poor Kenta Breaking the Forbidden wish of Invisibility

Updated on July 29, 2014

Previously we Saw Kenta being bullied for his appearances and the shocking turn of his best friend Zen breaking their friendship over his looks, leaving the former in a state of shock and unknowingly wishing for a forbidden wish of Invisibility due to his continued sufferings.

The Scrolls of Forbidden Invisibility
The Scrolls of Forbidden Invisibility

What was the granted Forbidden wish?

"The Granter of This forbidden wish is granted the power of invisibility along with a curse of hell chains attached to the granter’s soul. While Invisibility can be a power but being forbidden, if the granter continues to stay in this state, their soul will be devoured inch by inch and if granter is unable to break the invisibility then his soul will turn into a hollow. The spell to break the invisibility power lies within the user’s conscious morals and the moment user realizes the truth behind the circle of life, they will get freed from the cause behind their forbidden invisibility and the hell chains will disappear sucking all the dark from the user’s soul, leaving the user a gift and a purpose"

Until now Kenta was ignoring everyone because of his looks but now because of the forbidden wish, he was now ignored by the whole world as he was invisible to everyone. Being ignored he became even more frustrated as his family members too were unable to see him but that's what he wished for, what an irony! Due to the increasing torment of being ignored for his looks, the forbidden chains of hell drew closer to his heart. If the forbidden chains happen to reach the soul chain then it would destroy the link between heart and the soul and would turn Kenta into a hollow, but if somehow Kenta has a sudden moral uplift and an strong urge to live his life and show himself to the outside world then the chains of hell will be destroyed and in turn a new kenta will be born with an unknown gift and a gifted purpose. No one knows what the purpose would be because being a forbidden wish the granter of the wish are left unaware of the granted wish because the wish makes sure that it can't be misused by the granter.

The Theory behind the Forbidden Wish of Invisibility
The Theory behind the Forbidden Wish of Invisibility

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Chapter-5: We Meet Again

As time passed Kenta's suffering continued and the forbidden chains grew nearer and nearer to his heart. Since Kenta was invisible and also being unaware that he's invisible, he was assuming that people are ignoring him for his looks. Also since he had a similar encounter with his grandparents and his sister, he never returned home after the incident while his grandparents and sister desperately tried to search for him. If Kenta was just aware about his invisibility then he might have somehow broken the forbidden wish long ago but unfortunately his circumstances were just ironic and tormenting. He continued to drift with his sufferings. One day he was walking sad on the road when he suddenly was mesmerized by a beautiful girl travelling on her bike. Kenta immediately fell in love with the girl but once again the cloaks of invisibility fell upon him. The girl went straight without even giving a glimpse at Kenta. Kenta once again followed by his thoughts about his looks intensified his pain bringing the forbidden chains almost close to cutting his soul chain but suddenly a small spark of love grew within him which made him think

"if I can't be with her, I can at least see her!"

Immediately he ran behind the girl of his dreams following the trail left behind by the girls bike in hope of seeing her again and also to know about her whereabouts.

Kenta meets Magumi for the first time
Kenta meets Magumi for the first time

To an irony the trail brought him back to his city which he left long back. While following the trail he saw posters of him being posted everywhere which stated about him being missing and the poster was published by his grandparents and his sister. He was overwhelmed for all this time he has been thinking that he's being abandoned by his family. Seeing this he immediately moved towards his house. He saw his sister sitting sad in the garden. He called for Mitsuki and she responded too, but Kenta being invisible she was unable to see him although Kenta was standing just before her. This made Kenta realize about him being invisible to everyone. Shocked by the fact the forbidden chains almost reached the soul chain and started rubbing against them when suddenly the girl from before appeared before Kenta. Delighted by this he ran to follow her as he was now aware that he's invisible and no one probably will notice him. For the first time ever since the granted forbidden wish Kenta was happy. Kenta followed her and now knew her name as Magumi who was studying in same college where he used to study and in fact she was in same year as Kenta but in different section. Kenta started following her around knowing he is invisible and no one can bully him for his looks. He would daily follow her from her house to her college. He wished to show himself to her but whenever he thought about it the feelings about his looks would put him down.

Kenta following Magumi all Around while being Invisible to her
Kenta following Magumi all Around while being Invisible to her

Chapter-6: Power of Love

One fine Sunday when Magumi went out jogging Kenta followed her that's when the weather suddenly changed from a bright sunny morning into a cloudy weather as it started to rain heavily. Both Kenta and Magumi ran for shelter to protect themselves from rain but suddenly a crashing sound of someone falling hit their ears. It was a boy who looked similar to Kenta, Kenta was shocked and was sure that Magumi seeing the boy will not help him as she will be horrified by his looks and will run away from there, but to his shock instead of what he thought Magumi went running towards the boy and gave him a helping hand.

Kenta shocked at seeing Magumi help Honda
Kenta shocked at seeing Magumi help Honda

This very incident of overwhelming empathy shown by Magumi shook Kenta's heart so much that his urge to show himself to Magumi went tremendously wild. Suddenly among all this torment and dispare, he now had a hope and it was a strong determined love for Magumi. Somewhere in the heavens the Angel Genius knight was seeing this, He immediately took his magic wand and slashed the forbidden chain attached to Kenta's bright heart, sending the almost formed Hollow form of Kenta back to the depths of hell.

Angel Genius knight breaks the forbidden chains attached to Kenta's soul
Angel Genius knight breaks the forbidden chains attached to Kenta's soul

Chapter-7: The Forbidden Wish of Invisibility Broken

Since it was already mentioned in the scrolls of forbidden wish of Invisibility that the moment user breaks the forbidden chain the user will be granted with a gift related to the cause of the wish and a purpose. Kenta's gift was about him getting revived as Ken who was extremely beautiful and all the talks about him that is kenta was erased from the past which resulted in a few interesting turnovers. Since everything happened so fast that kenta didn't realize that his appearance is no longer the same, overwhelmed by the flowing emotions he fell down on the ground and thanked God for relieving him from his torment. Kenta was now incredibly surprised on seeing Magumi along with his best friend Zen. (Magumi is Zen's sister) Also to his surprise it was now snowing and not raining as if the angels have been celebrating his revival. Seeing Kenta kneeling Zen thought he's proposing to his sister Magumi and was happy as he was aware that Ken was a bit shy and lacked confidence to propose to his sister. Not to confuse Kenta's horrible past has been changed into Ken's beautiful past wherein people love Ken and his best friend Zen are still together. Seeing Ken's charm Magumi too fell in love with Ken (Kenta). Overwhelmed by so much happiness Ken hugged both Magumi and Zen tightly and started crying as he was no longer burdened by his bad looks.

The new Kenta (Ken) is born after the Forbidden Wish is Broken
The new Kenta (Ken) is born after the Forbidden Wish is Broken

Few years later...

Ken (Kenta) was now living a happy life along with his girlfriend Magumi whom he would marry a few years later, His best friend Zen who also ironically was no longer a fatso will get married as well, his sister who was relieved from her duties of looking over old Kenta opens up her dream company, His grandparents are happier then ever as they too were relieved from the burden of protecting their grandchild from the fate which their son and daughter-in-law had to suffer.

Kenta (Ken) finally has a good life with his family
Kenta (Ken) finally has a good life with his family

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Ken and Kenta

Although Kenta was revived as new Ken and all the past being altered but still the memories of old Kenta still existed in the memories of Ken. The last friend that Kenta ever made and will always be with is himself that is the new Ken with whom he shares the same heart and soul. All together even Kenta gets to live a happy life within Ken.

Kenta and Ken sharing the same heart and Soul
Kenta and Ken sharing the same heart and Soul

Moral of the Story

The story's moral teaches one about importance of being human and no matter what looks you are bestowed with, you still need to fight for people's acceptance and in the process you might have to suffer a lot but still there will be people who will love you, your family will support you the most and even if they too are the ones you are fighting to get accepted then the last person standing with you is your soul and it's your responsibility to protect your heart and soul no matter what the consequences are. Here is a short positive note to ring your bells:

Are Gods beautiful? Have you seen them? Well mythology has encountered many Gods and demi-gods that are widely popular but were not beautiful. So does that ring a bell in your mind as to how you can win people's acceptability! ~Genius knight


"Genius knight Story-I: If You are Not Happy with what You Already Have" or also known as "Poor Kenta Breaking the Forbidden wish of Invisibility" story is original ©opyright work of Author Genius knight. Any type of reproduction of the story is not allowed without the author's consent. Any violations will be liable for legal action.

What's Next?

You might be wondering what purpose was Kenta (Ken) left with after he broke the forbidden wish then let me tell you that Kenta's past and looks were revived by the angel but his memories of past are still there within him for a reason which will be revealed in the next installment of "Adventures of Genius knight-II: The Purpose" where we will encounter Honda, it's the person whom Magumi helped and looked like old Kenta in terms of looks. Stay tuned to know how the next story unfolds. Don't forget to share this story with your friends and families. :)

© 2014 Nell


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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      Wow ! This is amazing , it actually helped me to fight off one of my bullies with the unexpected lessen i learned from this story. Now my bully and I are best of friends. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      That is so nice! I'm going to read this post for my mom. She very afraid of some fohsian things and prefer to be invisible..BUT usually complains that father doesn't notice her. May be this is the secret? She just needs to change her invisible her style on something as you wear, Lady. First i will start from mom's eyeglasses and buy some new for her. May be it will help her to see her next fohsian step!

    • Geniusknight profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Netherlands

      @BibiLuzarraga it's just a short story trying to change what people think about themselves and changing others as well to stand up against bullying. :)

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi 

      4 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)



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