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"Pop Goes the World" By Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on February 22, 2014

"Pop Goes the World"

On the edge, lemme get my dance on

No ozone, lemme get my tan on

No talent, got to pick up the moon man

Disposable digital memories, castles in the sand

Have you payed enough to be cultured?

Have you made enough to be cultured?

Have you sold the truth?

Have you bought a lie?





Start to ask why

Cerebral, physical, spiritually abused abusers

Expand, grow, learn how it feels to lose yer

Guilt, white hot light to shine on the night

Flat lines, fat lines, phat rhymes, no new outcomes in sight

Vow to replenish

Vow to diminish

Vow to stabilize, directions unfurled

Vows? Broken

POP goes the world


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