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Popular essay hacks you should know

Updated on June 18, 2016

A good quote

A good quote to inspire you and your reader is one of the best essay hacks that you can ever have. The quote needs to be a killer so that it can lend credibility to whatever you will say thereafter in your essay.

Promodoro technique

How about breaking your work into 25 minute bursts so that you can have time for a break of say, 5 minutes during which time you can rest or have a cup of tea? This is what promodoro technique is all about. It has been found to be very effective. Once you are done with your ‘commercial break’, you will resume with your writing, now more invigorated more than before.

No need to break your sweat with easy hell so the essay has to be one that generates interest in you as wells the reader.

No distractions

One of the bigger problems that could be getting in the way is the notifications which keep popping on the screen as you write. These notifications could lead to a lot of distractions especially if you are not using an operating systems or OS that you are not accustomed to. In this regard, you will need an enabling app to turn off the internet for the time you are writing so that you are nit interrupted. You can try one app know as freedom.

Use ambient sounds

When you are writing your essay, you are confronted by a host of challenges like the sounds from the environment that you are operating in. You can however download the so called ambient sounds online which create a sort of buffer zone between you and the surrounding so that you can continue writing without being distracted.

Sources, not answers, are to be found online

Many students use the internet to look for answers instead of using it as one of the more credible sources of information. The internet is use supposed to use as one of the essay hacks. It will offer you the info you need on such areas as essay headers, easy heading format and so on.

Recovering lost files

It is possible to recover any of your lost files in the Microsoft word .if you are writing and power goes off, the unsaved draft will disappear. There is a technique that you can use to recover it. You will simply go to the file info, manage versions and then you recover the unsaved documents. It is as simple as that. Please note that the Google Docs is also a good way to recover any document that you may have lost.

Shorten your wording

Many a times, we tend to be superfluous with the wording by using many unnecessary words where only one or two would have sufficed. For instance, you can say like, instead of along the lines of.


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