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Pork Chop-A Story About Hunger That Never Ceases

Updated on July 12, 2014


This is a story about Parents who watch as their eldest son struggle with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a disorder where a person always feel hungry regardless of how much they have eaten. After there was an issue with a social worker due to chains being used on kitchen counters, the son was taken away. This story takes place on the first night that the parents got their son back. They struggle against the fear of the unknown and their own feelings for their son as they deal with a meal that proves to not be enough for the ten year old John Pope.

Only what happens if the diagnosis is wrong and John does not have the disorder and instead have something much darker?


Pork Chops

It was dinner time for the Pope family, the family of five had a feast of pork chops, vegetables, mash potatoes, and bread with excess portions to be shared by all. Only it still wasn't enough food. In fact, the food could not even satisfy one of the children who was grabbing food left to right with no end in sight.

“John I think it’s time to put down the plate,” Marilyn whispered to her ten year old son, watching as he stabbed another piece of pork chops and drag it to his plate, his eyes wild with hunger.

He didn’t even look away from his now occupied plate full of pork chop and a huge serving of mash potatoes, “But I’m hungry.”

“I know darling but you have already had three servings,” she mumbled as she looked around the table at her two other children who looked so hungry and finally to her husband who was sitting there looking pale and sickened by his son. She turned back to her oldest son, forcing a smile on her face, “Erica and James haven’t even eaten seconds yet and your father hasn’t even had a pork chop yet.”

“That’s too bad for them,” John replied in between bites of food, his hands shaking with how hungry he felt. He couldn’t get enough food. He frowned when he finished his plate and looked around wearily trying to find more food. He eyed the empty bowl that held the mash potatoes, he eyed the empty bag of vegetables, he eyed the empty plate that used to hold the meat. He smacked his foot heavily against the floor as his stomach growled and roared. He turned to his mother with such a pained look upon his face, “Mama I’m still hungry.”

“You had enough food. You don’t need more.” His father butted in as he crossed his arms and shook his head.

“But I’m hungry. Feed me please?” The boy was almost sobbing by now, holding his roaring stomach and looking down at his plate with irritation, “Can I have a soda maybe?”

“You know the rules little guy, no soda children ten years and younger. It’s the law.”

The son responded by growling. Marilyn tensed at the sound that her son gave off and with fear pushed away her own plate and stood up quickly, “I will get you a soda.”

“I said no,” the father pushed himself out of his seat and walked up to his wife.

“But he’s hungry…” the mother whispered to her husband before looking back at her oldest son who was leaning over in his chair, forks and knife in his hand, breathing roughly.

“He will never stop” the father whispered back in fear as he watched as his son eyed his younger brother, fork scrapping against his knife as he breathed even harder, wheezing almost.

“We should have never bought him home,” the mother shook with fear as she went to the refrigerator to get the soda for her starving son. She paused to read an article that was on the refrigerator door and hung her head in shame.

She closed her eyes as she felt her husband wrap his arms around her, his voice breaking with so many emotions, “Everything will be okay Marilyn.”

She scanned her eyes over the paper again before she nodded, unable to even find her voice, “We shouldn’t have done it Seth. We should have left him in the hands of people who know how to deal with him."

Seth this time lowered his head before sighing, “They can't help him more than we can. They don't even know who he really is. After all the time we had to spend learning about the disorder to get him home, there is no way I am giving him back. We did this because we wanted him home and look John is back home with us, we have our son back.”

“At what cost?’ Marilyn looked back at her son sitting at the table, fork and knife still in his hand as his eyes shined with hunger and misery.

Seth glanced back at his son too, his face one of fear and uneasiness, “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

“Mom,” John cried out from the dining room table, his voice high with pain and tears, “I need to eat, please get me something to eat, please?”

Marilyn nodded and held back the tears as she grabbed a soda and started to make her way back over to her son.

John immediately grabbed the soda, his hands shaking with hunger pains, and he chugged it down quickly, hoping it would be the end of his hunger pains. He started to cry as his hunger pains rose instead of fell and he wrapped his arms around his mother and sobbed brokenly, “Mommy it hurts, it hurts so much, please make the pain go away. Please mom I am so hungry. Please stop this.”

Marilyn, with tears running down her face looked back to Seth who was still standing in the kitchen and beside him on the refrigerator door was an article about their son diagnosis. They had circled the needed care instructions including locks for the kitchen counters and special care for what their son around home dinners and out to eat.

Seth looked back at his son who was wailing and crying at the dinner table and he looked down miserably. Yes it was devastating to have a son who was always so hungry that he was in physical pain but they would get through it. They had to get through it.

Just when Seth was calming down he looked at the funeral service notice and the missing body in morgue newspaper clippings that was sitting on the kitchen counter. He shook his head as he whispered to himself, "why did we bring him back to life? Why didn't we just let him go?"

He glanced back at the Prader Willi Syndrome informational packet that was on the refrigerator door and he shook his head. Psychologists diagnosed him and it was only because of that that they even got their son back. He knew the psychologists were wrong. His son didn't have this disorder. In fact until five weeks ago, he was a normal healthy boy. Then he was killed by a drunk driver. It was only after they made a deal with the devil to bring their son back to life that their son was like this. Seth knew the cure for John's hunger pains could be solved really easily. John needed to feast on humans. So until he gets the meat he would never stop eating and nothing would satisfy him.

Seth and Marilyn glanced at each other one more time before they both glanced away ashamed and embarrassed that they were so selfish to bring a child back from death.

"Mommy I'm hungry," John cried again and both parents closed their eyes. There was simply nothing else to do.

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    • Melissa Noon profile image

      Melissa Noon 3 years ago from California

      I complete agree. The dead should stay dead but I think a lot of parents would jump at the chance of m

      Having their child back and alive

    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 3 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      This is horrible, I do not even want to think about it! You cannot interfere with life, than things go horribly wrong.