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Whatsapp Attitude Status: Cute Funny Quotes

Updated on December 15, 2015

Whatsapp Attitude Quotes for Girls

It takes very little effort to become mad, angry, and violent. It takes courage and strength to see past your own feelings, to see the world through the eyes of life rather than the eyes of the beholder. Why step outside of the box when there is no rational reason for it to exist in the first place?

  • On Black Friday, Santa died for your sins. Three days later, on Cyber Monday, he arose as a half-machine version of himself. Never forget the real meaning of the holiday season.
  • I was told that I am lame because I don't really like to go out to clubs and things like that. But in all honesty, if you have seen one club you pretty much have seen them all, plus I save a hell of a lot of money and avoid a hell of a lot of trouble/death. Because if so I would rather chill at the house or low key things makes me lame, then I will wear it proudly.
  • It's not always what you say, but it is how you say it. You can destroy the truth with harshness in your voice and it will go unheard.
  • To impress boys, maintain distance; to impart, bring them up close.
  • Even when life gets hard you have to smile. No matter how much you’re breaking inside, you have to be strong because no one can be strong for you.
  • Be strong in yourself, appreciate those who care and discard all who don't.
  • Everything in this life Happens for a reason, No regrets. Every situation is a lesson that brings you closer to the path you’re meant to tread.

short attitude whatsapp status
short attitude whatsapp status

Attitude Quotes for Whatsapp Status

People post all of their business on the Facebook and Whatsapp statuses but when someone has something to say about what they wrote or ask questions they get an attitude. So don't post things you don't want people to give opinions about, taking pictures crying and all that for attention.

We all come across obstacles, some anticipated and some unexpected, every last one of us has faced some sort of difficulty in our lives, but those difficulties have a specific purpose, of building our character, make us stronger, and teach us how to never give up, even though we are facing the hardest situation, try to look forward at the next time a roadblock comes your way, instead of an obstacle, think of it as a challenge, then go get it! Do you want to know what type of person you are? Take a look at the people you have surrounding you. If you have crappy people around you, then don't be surprised if you don't have a lot of happiness. Surround yourself with great people and it will rub off on you. The following positive and bit funny attitude quotes may give you new inspiration.

Best Attitude Whatsapp Status!

  1. You cannot change someone's bad attitude boy running away from them.
  2. People with mood swings just drain my energy, why can't you just keep your sadness to yourself instead of wanting people to feel sorry or walk on eggshells when you're in one of your moods.
  3. Don't be afraid to speak your mind or to want change. If something doesn't work we can fix it in all areas of our life. Why do we still have a system that only benefits the elite and not the people?
  4. Some people ask you to make a decision but end up making it for you.
  5. Sometimes we make decisions that we know aren't the best, but they're good enough. Sometimes this is because of lingering sentimentality for the other parties involved: We know we'd be better off elsewhere, but it's not because of anything bad anyone did, it's just a matter of circumstance. The cynic in me would even posit the idea that the only reason for this is that the switching costs involved are simply seen as prohibitive.
  6. Money can buy everything good including drugs but cannot buy health!
  7. Dressing up is not about impressing or overpowering. It’s not even about the price or the brand of your dress. It is simply about expressing your own style and feeling good about yourself!
  8. Life is not about the mistakes you commit, it’s the lessons you learned from it and how you carry it through every day... Smile, love, forgive! You will only live once so make it worth.
  9. Why do I continue to coddle the foolish aspects of my existence? Is it because I choose to? Sometimes I feel like I couldn't do anything else.
  10. Life always brings situations that it wants you to take a lesson out of it. Often, we take it the wrong way and mess up, increasing the probability of another lesson. So, understand and learn perfectly, the first time.
  11. For anyone that wants to walk out of your life, gladly hold the door wide open for them.
  12. Acting differently doesn't mean people have changed, because maybe their circumstances have changed, and they're acting the way they always would have under those conditions. Change is when they act differently in the same conditions or reacts differently than before to other changes.
  13. Instead of talking about someone talk to them it may not be what you think. Everyone has a lot going on just learn to care. Stop with all the assumptions!
  14. Never expect anything of anyone. Never underestimate anyone. Respect other's free will. Don't get angry if it’s incongruent with your ideal. The behavior doesn't lie. Take it for what it's worth and move in the direction that is the most fruitful.
  15. It is good to pray for one another. Sometimes we are not strong enough to pray for ourselves and others lift us up in their prayers. Let us also do the same for others.
  16. Any relationship between man and woman that does not have love as a goal is destined to fail.
  17. Life is short and so precious. Let's remember this during our encounters with others. Don't miss an opportunity to show another person to love. It could be your last chance. Anything can happen.
  18. If there is a way to win, I'll find it. If there isn' may take a little longer.
  19. I got so distracted thinking about killing demons and the treachery of normally passive-aggressive people that I forgot today is Friday the 13th. Oh well, my Luck stat is ridiculous.
  20. Even if your efforts are without success, to at least have tried for anything is better than nothing at all, even if left despondent.
  21. I've always believed it's important to be a lifelong learner. Heck, after I put "lifelong" right there, it suggested "learning".
  22. Life never goes as you plan it and you can't wait till you're ready for something because after all, you're never quite ready for anything.
  23. We are always better off as a society, as a democracy, as a person, and as humanity when we encourage/ allow/ respect diversity in thought and speech. The intolerance and censorship are so pervasive both in intra-party and national politics.
  24. We spend so much time holding on to the wrong people in our life because of the fear of being alone. So that void begins to grow. But what we don't realize is by letting go of the unnecessary you are making room for greater people to enter and they will come.
  25. I can't hear anybody say "Plan B" in any context without thinking of the medication now.


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      Quotes Lover 2 years ago

      Very funny

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      Meriln Reader 4 years ago

      Dear Facebook. ..your attitude towards peoples support of the Duck Dynasty show I.e. Phil Robertson is uncalled for. Every religion is common on your social networking site. And everything can be replaced or DRAMATICAlly downsized..included is Facebook. ...remember a site called .. (MYSPACE)???...FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!