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Positive Pearls

Updated on May 12, 2010

Your Life: Stack It; Don't Pack It

What is the difference between stacking versus packing your life? It's similar to studying versus cramming for an exam. When you pack your life, it is a desperate, thoughtless effort to fill your life either with things you feel you have to do, feel guilted into doing or are pressured by others to do. These can be obligations that you need to take care of but are just barely figuring out how to handle. These can even be things you enjoy doing, but have poorly included into your life schedule. Packing your life is mismanaging the things you want and/or have to do.

Stacking your life, on the other hand, is building upon a solid foundation of values and routine -- selectively and carefully adding activities of interest that fulfill you. This is reflected in a balanced, satisfying life.


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