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Positive Perspective

Updated on January 31, 2017

As I lay upon the blades of grass,
Contemplating on the future and the past.
Sweet sorrow when realizing how short life could last.
Finding time to spend with loved ones,
Creating time in discovering a friend in someone.

Walking amongst the crowd,
Listening to the mind scream out loud.
Feeling that connection to one that comes around.
Taking the time to erase their doubt –
In turn creating a connection that makes you both proud.

We could never truly know,
How our day will turn out tomorrow.
If you do not focus on today,
Tomorrow will just continually end in sorrow.

Cherish all of the people you know,
Respect the ones who come tomorrow.
Understanding who we are inside –
Is the key to knowing all of the people – outside.

Never hang your head when trying to hide your fears,
Just because you close your eyes,
Everything around only temporally disappears.

When looking inside yourself,
There will be a treasure trove within oneself,
Like Beauty,
Imaginative qualities.

As you lay in the field while listing to the wind blow,
Keep in mind only you can truly know –
The path in which to go.
Only your fears will prevent progression.
Fear will hamper the mind –
There will be no growth.

You decide when to be alone.
Distance from others and experiences,
Prevents you to have special moments.
Open the mind,
Share some time,
Enjoy every day you are alive.
Embrace others for who they are,
Only then will you see -
What kind of person YOU are.

© 2017 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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