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PostSecret - Post a Secret

Updated on January 9, 2014

What is PostSecret?

PostSecret is an online community in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a selfmade postcard. Selected secrets are posted on the PostSecret website, or used for PostSecret's books or museum exhibits. This idea of sharing secrets anonymously gives people the ability to say anything they want without having their identities revealed.Several books have been published containing a selection of submitted secrets.

The large, small, funny, sad and other postcard secrets received by Frank Warren are published on the PostSecret website to be viewed by anyone.
Over a half a million secrets have been received by Ted Warren up to now.

Watch these great examples

International versions

PostSecret has similar official PostSecret-sites in a few other countries as well.

In France it is called PostsecretFrance, in Germany it is called Post Secret auf Deutsch, In Portugal it is called PostSecret Portogues and in Kuwait it is called PostSecret Kuwait.
By now there might be more.

Then there are also some unofficial sites, like: PostSecretChina, PostSecretUK, Post Secret Kazakhstan, PostSecret Korea and PostSecret Malaysia and Los Secretos Dominicales (Spain).


PostSecret and the FBI

In Januari 2012 The FBI urged to remove the PostScret App from Apple's AppStore. The PostSecret- app reached the top-selling spot in the App Store and users shared over 2 million creative secrets.
The App was designed so each secret was absolutely anonymous, just like the PostSecret-blog. The app was such a succes resulting in loads of created secrets. The majority of the created secrets were in the spirit of PostSecret, but sadly there are always people creating bad content. The large amounts of created content was too much too be all checked by the PostSecret moderators for pornography, threads etc.
This bad content, even if it was maybe 0,5% or less of all content created caused users to compain to PostScret, Apple and even the FBI. Despite all effort made it was not possible to filter all bad content resulting in a removal of the PostScret app from the App Store.

But, the PostSecret-website and blog are still open !!


PostSecret and the police

Some messages posted on PostSecret can be interpreted in different ways. Some are meant to be funny; others may be a cry for help. Or like this ..... Back in September this message shown at the right showed up on PostSecret.

It shows an aerial view of a park with a note on it saying:'I said she dumped me, but really I dumped her (body)". The shown location was identified as Jackson Park in Chicago. This message went viral on social media and was being noticed by the Chicago Police that took the message serious. It could be a possible homicide.

The police searches the park thoroughly but found nothing unusual.

Sent in your own secret

Do you want to send in a PostScret yourself.
Here is the address:

13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, MD 20874

Wanna see a great collection of Post Secrets ??


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    • Jenna Kunc profile image

      Jenna Kunc 5 years ago from Colorado

      I think having an anonymous community for people to express themselves is a really great idea. Some students at my university started one this past year, and it was a huge hit.