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Posthumous poem -His Final words

Updated on August 9, 2011

Living on Half a Dream

Living on Half a Dream

Wishing on a Dream

<>< <><

Wishing on a dream

And finding it.

Living a comfortable life,

Looking forward to, many happy years,

Rocking together on the front porch,Talking about the good ol' days

Sharing a life that will never end,

'Til it does.

Then it's gone, It's All Gone, no turning back,

Not much hope for the future.

The dreams are dead.

Life goes on for half the dream.

But what is half a dream?

How does someone find the other half of a dream,

To be whole again.

And is it fair to try?

Is hope of having a life again,

Just a joke?

What's the most a half a dream has to look forward to...

Is love and happin ess out of the question?

Do you just take it one day at a time?

'Til Time runs out?

What do you do when life runs out but

You are still here?

Who would want to share a dream with someone that doesn't have many dreams left

And is it fair to ask someone to?

When what you had is gone, and you're gone

But you're here.....

What's the point of even half a dream

With no one to share it with?

From no lonely nights,

To Only lonely nights.

Looking forward to a bright future

And one day something turns out the lights,

And steals the bulbs.

And what is the best you can hope for?

Is it even fair to have hope

Is it fair to hope for someone new and special,

So they can loose half a dream?

What's half a dream,

Is the cup half full or half empty?

To live one day at a time , is not living,

It's just one more day.

What's one more day if the quality is gone,

And little hope of ever having it again?

How do you ask someone to share a life with you,

When you don't know how much life

you have left?

But you know it's coming.

The WILL to live I understand.

But without love, health and happiness how much

WILL do you want to have?

Wonderful friends, but my life is still

Just one day at a time.

And sometimes it would just be easier

for time to run out,

Knowing that I jwill have the other half of my dream

And will be whole again.

What are lessons I've supposed to have

learned from this saddnes?

When half the dream died,

My life ended.

The best can hope for are some happy days

and hopefully a lot of healthy ones.

I have faith in my God.

And I am not afraid to visit the other side.

But I don't have much faith in the world

To make me whole again.

There is not enough good to save me now.

There are a few people out there that care,

And alot of people that

Can't see past the noses on their faces.

And they won't see how it is until

Someone they love isn't in their faces any more.

They say 40 million will lose someone they love by the year 2000,

of contamination,

The balance of nature,

The next group of people to get it

(out of stupidity)

Will be your children, because it can't happen to them!

It is a sad world we live in and

The only one we can blame are ourselves.

Putting man on this planet was a big mistake, because We

(I know some of us care), just don't care about it.

Anything but SELF, and believe me, self is not enough.

And if you haven't noticed this planet is pissed off at us!

And if we don't fix things there

Won't be anything left to fix,

I'm very tired of the saddness and

Missing someone I love.

I know I can't go yet, there are people

Here that still need me.

But one day I will be gone and at peace with myself.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired,

I'm still waiting for a sign that everything will be okay

And for some it will be.

But I believe my okay will be when I cross over.

And life as I've known it for 40 years

(this time around)

Will end.

I've had 17 years of love, happiness and health,

And maybe I got more than my share.

Thank God for the times you've given me.

Another 17 years would be nice, but only if I can

Have again~ love , health and happiness.

Otherwise Whenever you're ready.

BOY! What a pitty pot!!!

This is my truth, my feelings.

I find these days that dying is not my biggest concern,

It's making sure my stuff is in order.

Isn't that dumb!?@#*! :) ?

The stuff of life is for the living.

How much stuff should I give away now?

And how much stuff should I let family fight over?

I sure do feel good giving stuff away!

written by Tony Friedman 10/14/1993


Our dear brother passed away May 14, 1994 at the young age of 41 years.

Rest in Peace dear Tony, Sleep tight. Sweet Dreams. We love you.


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    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you so much for sharing this sister that. Your brother lives on. His last words touch me more than I can say. Regards, snakeslane

    • sister that profile imageAUTHOR

      sister that 

      7 years ago from So Cal

      He would have been so pleased to hear that comment. He really loved all you kids !

    • profile image

      Cathleen Pearson 

      7 years ago

      So Sad! I wish I could have known Uncle Tony better and been there for him.

    • sister that profile imageAUTHOR

      sister that 

      7 years ago from So Cal

      The first time I saw this piece was this Saturday. We ALL know we are going, but to know it is coming prematurely has to be difficult to process. Tony had a remarkable insight. I love when he says, "this time around". He believed in second chances!

    • mckbirdbks profile image


      7 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      I guess I'll go for a walk now.


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