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Poverty Transcends Money

Updated on April 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Our focus most of

The times when we

Hear the word poverty

Revolves round money

Yea, the wisest King

In the books of

Anthology says that money

Answers all things

But this does not

Mean that lack of

Money alone is the

Word poverty centered on

Poverty is wide and

Spans through many things

In life. These would

Shed some lights into this

On Health

A man was healthy

Yesterday but today he

Could not get off

His bed, he is sick

There are things he

Wants to do, but

He dares not attempt

Doing them because of health status

Many things elude him

Because he was not

On his seat at

His duty post

There is no better

Word to describe this

New position of this man

Other than health poverty.

When majority of the

Working force of a

Nation has health deficiencies,

The economy of nation would be affected

On Knowledge

A woman has just

Been married to her

Heart throb, but this

Woman does not know how to cook

Her husband does not

Like going to fast

Food vendors to get

Foods he likes homemade dishes

During their courtship period

The maiden has no

Course to prepare food

For her lover

Because they lived at

Different countries and met

On the social media

Where they developed acquaintance

The guy did not

Bother to ask her

Her cooking prowess for

Ladies in his island are expert cooks

He though opted for

Outsider because he has

Experienced terrible things in

The hands of those he was in love with before

After marriage he was

Expecting delicious meals from

Her spouse, but these

Are not forthcoming

This threatened their home

Such that the man

Started going to clubs

And got attached to another lady

As time passed, the

Man would not come

Home for days until

The couple eventually divorced

What the woman lacked

That led to the

Divorce of the family

Was knowledge, poverty of knowledge

She was deficient in

Her knowledge of cooking

Which she failed to

Rectify before things got out hand

Unstable homes affected the

Society negatively because their

Children may not receive

Proper care and could be riff-raffs

On Experience

One of the things

That money cannot buy

Neither status is experience,

No matter how wealthy one is

When one has not

Not experienced something before

It would yet show

In how he reacts

To situations that emerged

Relating to that condition.

There were medical personnel

In the central hospital

Managing the health status

Of the people of

Far and nigh. There

Was a man there

Who has just been

Employed, he was the

Least of all the

Medical personnel there

But this man was

The most experienced of

All for he had

Traveled wide and far

Practiced in different countries

And continents before deciding

To return to his

Country to serve the nation.

A patient presented at

The hospital with a

Symptom, this symptom he

Has been noticing for days

So as not to be

One of the fools around

Decides to visit the

Health practitioners for diagnosis

Those at the helms

After seeing him and

Consultation among themselves arrived

At working diagnoses

Since the new man

Was junior he was

Not involved in the

Process of the diagnoses.

They prescribed drugs for

Their working diagnoses, but

Things never changed for

The man, it seems as if aggravating

This eventually resulted in

Him being admitted into

The hospital. It was

When he was admitted that

This junior staff was managing him

That’s how it works

Junior would be monitoring

The patient and reporting

To the senior colleagues

While monitoring him, he

Reviewed the case and

Discovered that they had

Gone about the treatment all wrong

The symptom presented by

The patient is occasional

And rarely presented symptom

For a disease in other continents

Took another history of

The patient and discovered

He had been to that

Continent before where such disease is.

With this he arrived

At a completely new

Diagnoses for the man

And presented the case to his superiors

That the diagnoses is

Wrong and the treatment

Indubitably is wrong. They

Countered him wanting to turn him down

One of them implored

Them to give what

He said a trial

And it was as if magic was performed

Within fractions of minutes

The man recovered and

Was discharged. His

Experience saved the man and the hospital

What those who are

His senior could not

See he saw because

Of his experience.

Those people are deficient

In experience, and this

Could have cost the

Man his life.

On Spiritual

When there is poverty

Of the spirit, the

Person would not be

On the same page

With the spiritually inclined

People because he would

Not see what they are

Seeing neither reason along their line

Spiritual Absence and spiritual

Presence are like words

And opposites. They are

At the opposite ends.

They are like parallel

Lines that can never

Meet. They are always

Antagonizing each other.

On Leadership skills

Good leadership skills, come

With experience, knowledge and

Understandings and when a

Leader is lacking in these

They said woe be

Unto the country or

Group of people that

Such leader is heading

For he would take

Many wrong steps, leading

The people astray and

Into the war when there should be peace.


Poverty, which ever class

It falls to, would

Make a person to

See what he should do

And he would avoid.

It makes one fearful

Losing what ought to

Belong to one

It makes one lose

Confidence in oneself. It

Makes one conclude wrongly

About some issues.

To eat the food

That one desires eating

May be a wishful

Thought in places where poverty is high

The health status of

The populace is affected

Reducing the long span

Of the populace.

Poverty in whatsoever form

Is not good and

Should be detested. It

Should be replaced with prosperity



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