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Power Of a Song

Updated on August 29, 2017
Virginia Lea profile image

Virginia loves music more than anything. There is power in escaping into a good song. She finds comfort in the waves of different styles.

The journey of a symphony.

I am completely drowned by melodious symphonies

I hear every beat and strum of the instruments, I can feel rumble of the booming baritone

I feel the pang of rhythm as the beats pass by and jump like anxious fleas

I am taken to a different world with each level of octave and tone

Once it starts its hard to stop, being left in itself as something beautiful. Seeing fingers twiddling over piano keys or sweeping across guitar strings, the mesmerizing sound of the oceans waves or glow of the moon in full.

It's looks like a sky filled with warm red and orange tints or colorful leaves on trees

I am surrounded with the melodious sonnet of corresponding intervals, composing the swift ballad of one instrument with another.

I am left with the wind on my face and the sun gleaming high and far, I feel the pounding boom of the tuba and vibrating soft violin murmur.

There is a gentle sway of trees along with the flow of the breeze, being still yet bass rumbles astir. Oh how I love the harmonious thud of many piano keys, put together so perfectly to create a masterpeice. Each pitch timed out perfectly for its exact moment of resounding notes and scales.

I am completely filled from head to toe with the compelling orchestra, as it captivates my mind I open my eyes to find I'm in a different locale.

I am surrounded by beautiful colorful birds and swaying trees in a quiet empty abis, with long green grass fallowing the amplitude of the trees and I am set free.

There is a lustrous trickle of a river as its rushing by slowly and meets the ocean like a kiss. Wild animals gather to the water attending to their young so very carefully.

Suddenly something invades, disturbing the peaceful habitat, attacking everything with anger and anxious to fight.

It's the electric guitar disrupting the stillness and taking over with banging symbols. Suddenly things become more upbeat and my heart beats furiously in my chest. Its Agitating violently everything around and tearing apart everything in sight. I am over taken by fear.

It's breaking clash of hardcore strums and high pitch screams, It lashes out with a ravishing loud and constant disturbing explosion of noise.

Theres a clattering voice moving in every octave and wild fists in the air.

Grabbing sledge hammers and throwing furious blows causing chaos

Fast, upbeat and inflamed people invade to destroy the nation causing dispair

Once they have stolen and annihilated everything with desolating exasperation. It becomes calm again and my breathe becomes soft.

The indulgence of piano keys and violin strings pervade and take authority. I close my eyes and take another deep breathe to slow my heart beat.

The intensity aubsides, liquidating the anger and depleting the ravishing furry, replacing it with tender compassion.

Its healing the previously made wounds with intimate harmony and euphoric sympathy.

What was once disparately broken is now repaired with the beautiful harmony of a song.

Musical Genius's.

If you Haven't Heard This Band, I Encourage You To Buy This CD!


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    • ocfireflies profile image

      ocfireflies 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Glorious! Voted up!

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hi Virginia, beautiful hub and inspiring poem. Thanks again!

    • Virginia Lea profile image

      Virginia Davis 5 years ago from Navarre, Florida

      Thank you smga22! All I did was play music and close my eyes then wrote down what I felt. =)

    • smga22 profile image

      smga22 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Excellent Poem. Just love the expression.