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Power Your Imagination To Dream On

Updated on August 28, 2011

This Is Just The Beginning

Most people think you need the imagination to make your dreams come true

I think you need the power to lift your imagination to new heights first

If you start with imagination you have your creativity activated

In time you shall see that is not enough

You need the persistance which generates the power to turn on the steam

If you have just the imagination and no power it is like the buggy without the horse

The buggy will go no where

When you put the team together that is when you have success

Then you can travel the world

Still that is not good enough

You want to have speed

So back to the drawing board we go

With are dreams come a new vision

An automobile that will take us there faster and make the old ways obsolete

We should be happy now

Far from it

Now we want to go in comfort and style

So we dream more vivid dreams than before opening up new doors

Now with that finished we have much more than we bargained for

Happy now ?

Not quite

Now we want to make it cheaper and easier to make

Back to the sketch pad and away we go

A more basic model and a use of different materials will cover that task

Are we done yet?

Not even close

Now we want something larger and different too

So racking our brains we come up with more ideas

We come up with bigger and better and fancier with many different colors

Are we happy now ?

Not for a long shot

Now I do not just want one but I must have three

Stop while you think for a moment

Let me just get my horse and buggy and ride into the sunset

Leaving all the other dreams for another day

Where I can let my mind drift off and dream as we stop to let the horses eat some apples and oats

For then I can envision a fast paced life one that will never stop to say

Today I am happy for what I have and tomorrow will bring me only things I think I must have

With no end in sight

Let me say Good NIght !


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Movie Master I love the ideas we all have and it is up to us to carry our own dreams on to reality.It is important to understand the beauty in life all along the way.Thanx so much.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi dream on, your poem is so thought provoking, it's easy to become dissatisfied with things in life,become complacent and want more.

      Yet we are so fortunate and rich in all we have and do.

      Thank you for sharing and voting up, brilliant.