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Prayer-A Poem

Updated on July 27, 2014


I asked the Lord for patience

And He gave me trying times.

I asked the Lord for perseverance

And He gave me kids that whine.

I asked the Lord for joy

And He gave me days to dread.

I asked the Lord for relief

And He taught me contentment instead.

I asked the Lord to keep me humble in His eyes

And He used trying circumstances to chip away my pride.

I asked the Lord for greatness

And He taught me how to hide.

I asked the Lord for perfection

And He laughed and said “No way.”

I asked Him for compassion

And He gave me unkind days.

I asked Him for great friendships

And He gave me lonely nights.

I asked the Lord for courage

And He made me stand up for what is right.

I asked Him for consistency

And He rocked my secure land.

I asked the Lord for kindness

And I received little at man’s hand.

So I asked Him, “What’s the deal?”

“Why can’t I have what I ask You for today?”

He said, “I am not a genie to grant your every wish.”

“I give the gifts in my own way.”

“It would do no good to simply give you everything.”

“You must be taught to listen

You must depend on Me to bring

Everything you want or wish

By teaching you to live,

A life well lived with many mistakes

And a heart that will forgive.”

“For when those kids were whiny

And when the car broke down.

And when you were lonely

And when you stood your ground,

It was then that I gave you

All you ever asked.”

“It was in the living and the learning

And sticking to your task.”

I said, “O.k.,I see now what You say

But believe me

I’ll be careful what I ask You for today.”


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    • profile image

      Dave Bingham 3 years ago

      well said...He know what is best for us...EXCELLENT...

    • joycampbell profile image

      Joy Campbell 3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Indeed they are. They are harder but usually much better.

    • Jonathan Bingham profile image

      Jonathan Bingham 3 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      That's the truth. God's ways are better.