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Prayer From The Soul

Updated on June 17, 2017

Goddess please grant unto me

The ability of peace and tranquility

Stop the madness in my mind

Let me leave that world behind.

Ease the worry in my soul

So that I, again, am in control

Thank you Goddess for letting me

Leave the place of misery.

No more worry, strife, and NO MORE CRACK

I don’t ever want that life back

That constant craving for a rock

Which burned as fast as a cinder box.

Or for a crystal to turn to smoke

Never stopping at one toke

For all the blessings you’ve given unto me

Goddess, I give thanks unto Thee.

What lies ahead, I do not know

But in due time, you will show

The correct path I am to take

To not repeat my past mistakes.

With love in my love in my heart

And peace in mysoul

I have once again, been made whole.l


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