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Prayer for Grieving Mothers

Updated on April 19, 2016
Lord God Almighty,
Everything in this world happens for a reason
Every drop of rain that falls, every sunshine that kisses the earth
Nothing is coincidental,
Even the shortest sneezes of angels
For everything is under Your will
Yet nothing could be more painful
Than for a mother to lose her child
To see the person she has nurtured
all these years...
Without the vigor...
Without breath...
Without the unconditional love...
That once gave life to his body
The turmoil that crumbles her mind
The unimaginable pain that tears her heart apart
The permanent loss of her ultimate love and joy
All hopes and dreams have been lost to
a most undesired death
Heal their hearts with Your precious hands
And wipe away their tears of untimely sorrow
Help them put themselves together
Reaffirm the faith that is now being shaken
With Your Sacred Heart,
spare them from that most painful day...
With that one final chance to see her child
before the earth devours
When all the mourners are gone...
When collective consoling ends
And the life-long grieving begins
She hears the piercing silence
As reality sinks in
And all she has are precious memories
...Their generous exchange of love and affection
...The times of misunderstanding, of healing and reconciliation
...And the missed chances that will never return
I pray to You Oh Lord, that no mother will ever have
to go through this darkest journey
Of defying the natural order of life
Through the worst agony of burying her child
Give them the strength to stand once more
Show them a dint of hope in this time of despair
Pick the pieces of their broken heart
So that they may learn to accept
Life's fateful turns and bittersweet surprises
And maybe one day, do what a mother does best
- to love like there's no tomorrow.
I humbly raise this simple prayer
for every grief-striken mother's heart, AMEN.


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