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Prayer of Blessings

Updated on July 15, 2016

Prayer of Blessings

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

May Life be the blessing of perfect expression,

seen through the eyes of a peaceful soul.

May the tribulations of life be simply

the movement of abundance around you,

just a vague blur of activity observed.

While you sit in contentment,

watching reality unfold,

the details of contentious lives,

parading in endless streams beyond you;

may you remain the voice of understanding.

May your choices be pure and always find their mark,

within the confusion of human thought and dreams,

to follow your heart to better convey the universal will,

the flow of creativity and right.

May your heart hold endlessly your love.

May strength empower you to know,

the folly of disharmony and the fruitlessness of conflict,

to reside within the truth regardless of circumstance

and ignore the judgement and oppression of ignorance.

May certainty remain your armour.

May you find love in every action,

in every whisper of life unfolding.

May your heart lay waste your darkest concerns,

replaced by the gentle caress of knowledge.

And may you keep your precious life from harm,

from the illusion of life ending.

You are blessed.


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