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Precious Hearts

Updated on March 2, 2017

Precious Hearts

One could look within to discover

A thirst for the arts in a creative flow

We have every right to know

A shallow brook through the forest

Will over look a lone hobbit

Sifting through the cobblestone alone

Magical moon beams discovered

An angry dragon exposed to the elements

Yet a fairy left unafraid

Precious hearts beating alone tonight

Cascading falls in the background

The king was on his throne

We have encountered quite a bit of fun

Savor the moments in your mind

The magical wizard that robbed you blind

To cash in on the memory of long ago stories

Court jesters with the smile to be received

Precious hearts lurking through space & time

Crafted by the gods in their unique design

Ambiance of are time


Through the duration of the mind

Captivated with a smile

to know all the great while

A pen on paper a cause to discover

The ambiance of are time


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