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A Crime Story 5

Updated on October 4, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Good Night , Dad ...

“It’s this Dom Pérignon. Good stuff ... relaxes the hell out of me. Your mother has already retired for the night. I think the events of the day have put a strain on her. I fixed her a nightcap and when I last looked she was out like a light.” Frank says smiling.

“You two are such a one-of-a-kind couple.” Linda says fondly putting her arm around her father.

“You know MGM is not such a bad fellow. Good looking, smart, quick on his feet and not a bad right hook from what I’ve heard.” Frank jokes.

“Dad, do you know the whereabouts of Victor Paccio.” Linda asks with the look she has displayed with many informants when doing her investigative reporting.

“Linda ... I couldn’t answer that question even if I did know.” Frank straightens in his chair, sizing up his daughter. “Why do you want to know? How do you know the Sicilians don’t have him?”

“Because I think that’s what he wants everyone to think, that’s why. Because I think that there’s more to what happened to you than you’ve told. Am I right?” Linda asks and notices the smile on her father’s face as he leans toward his daughter.

“You’re a damn good investigator. 43rd could use somebody like you. Your mother would kill me if she knew that I said that to you.” At that point both Linda and Frank laugh.

“How did Victor Paccio ever get mixed up with that bunch?” Linda inquires.

“Victor and I were in college when he met Louisa. She was such a pretty, little ambitious Italian spit fire in those days. Wasn’t carrying the extra baggage she has now. Victor was a very popular fellow. Of course, so was I.” Frank pauses to reflect.

“You still are dad!” Linda replies once again rising from the ottoman and giving her father a hug. “Please continue.”

“Well ... little did we know just how ambition until after Victor married her. She wanted the good life and Victor was a loving and obliging husband. In the past Victor had shunned the likes of Leone Castelletti and his Sicilian organization. Once Louisa found out they had been approaching him; he knew no peace. Louisa got more and more demanding and Leone kept telling him to “keep your woman in check” until it became obvious that Louisa and not Victor was running the Family Business.” Frank continues.

“Victor finally realized that Louisa only wanted him because of his connects and it hurt him deeply. That led to a series of affairs until Victor found someone who appreciated him for who he was and not who he knew. When Louisa found out about Victor’s clandestine relationship, the woman’s body was found face down in a pool of blood. She had two shots to the back of the head at close range and several in the stomach. Not too long after that Victor was gone.” Frank finishes.

“There is more to this story but you’re not going to tell me are you?” Linda asks.

“Only that if it wasn’t for Victor Paccio I would be at Forest Hill Cemetery instead of just losing both my damn legs.” Frank says bitterly, “Damn Louisa Paccio. Look Kitten, it’s getting late and you’ve got quite a day ahead of you. MGM and a couple of the 43rd Precinct boys have gotten a few things you’ll need for the journey. You’ll need to leave early and it’s a long drive. Get some sleep and we’ll talk before you leave. Good night, Kitten!” Linda rises to give her father a brief kiss.

“Good night, dad.” Linda says.

The best time to start is when the day is young!
The best time to start is when the day is young!

Early Friday Morning ...

The next morning Linda is not only being pampered by her father and mother but by the entire housekeeping staff as well. Stacie, the head housekeeper, makes sure that Linda’s sunken tub is filled to the brim with rich lavender bubbles and the scent permeates the room. Chastise, the cook makes her favorite blueberry pancakes smothered in fresh maple syrup and Della, Peg’s Special Assistant is on hand to give Linda any additional aid she may need.

“Oh, it’s so nice having you here again, Miss Linda.” Della says all in a flutter. I remember when you were just a tiny little thing always trying to bang on my old Compaq Presario computer. That was back when Windows 98 was the PC operating system.” Delta smiles.

“I was 14 years old, hardly a tiny thing and besides I think I was pretty good.” Linda smiles back.

“I’m afraid that Linn won’t be staying, Della.” Peg interrupts. “She’s taking a mini-vacation and will be busy. I’d imagine that she’ll be working on that great American novel.”

“WOW ... that’s exciting! Just where are you going?” Della asks excitedly.

“She’s going with me.” Martino interrupts teasingly looking extremely handsome. “I’m just going to whisk her off to some wonderful rendezvous where I can make wild and passionate love to her; giving her all the research she needs for this great novel she’ll be writing.”

To Be Continued …

© 2014 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      4 years ago from Memphis

      Always try to end your crime story series on a positive note. Unless you plan on creating another sequel in the future; most people like the concept of good overcoming evil.

    • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      4 years ago from Memphis

      Remember in the best crime novels good should prevail over evil otherwise it leaves the reading audience (as a whole) dissatisfied. Every one wants the bad guys to "get their due."


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