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Predictions about World's End on 21 Dec 2012

Updated on December 13, 2012

People are terrified as the time is coming closure and closure. There are various factors supporting end of the world, though its time and day is not specified in any of them except Mayan calendar. In fact it’s not even specified in Mayan calendar but people are panicking because Mayan calendar will end on 21 Dec. 2012.

No one knows about it but some of them predicted the end of the world way back in history. Nostradamus predicted the end of the world with some other predictions. He even specified how this world will put to an end and also who will rise through this fire. Winter solstice, pole shifting and even an alien invasion are predicted by which this world is going to end.

Is it really going to end? Yes it’s a question to ponder about and if it’s true then I am not ready yet to die may be none of us is ready to die. But we are coming again and again on the same topic about world's end. May be some prophets (like Nostradamus) spread words around the corner to get famous, so that people will remember them. Whatever they did, I can see its working now. May be it’s true and maybe it’s false, whatever is the result it’s sure that we will die maybe on 21 Dec. 2012 or next year or in future.

Our next to next or next generation will surely feel the same terror. You don’t suppose that our earth will stay like this forever and nothing will happen to it. If it’s not ended by some natural disaster then in future who knows it will be destroyed by us. We are depleting its energy sources and we consuming it inch by inch and making it a dustbin.

Let’s discuss some popular prediction about its end:

1. Nostradamus prediction: - Nostradamus predicted the end of the world in some other ways. It’s not a natural disaster. He predicted its end and predicted that a new superpower will rise from its ashes. Nostradamus is famous for his predictions and he predicted more than just the end of world. His prophecies are almost true till now.

2. Mayan Calendar: - The Mayan calendar is ending on 21th Dec. 2012 and that’s why we are worried about the end. Some people predicted that’s it’s not the end. It’s just a process to start something new. As after end it’s always a fresh start. They think that the inhabitants of this world will undergo some kind of spiritual transformation and after 21 Dec. 2012 it’s marked as the Beginning of a new era.

3. Aliens: - Beware of the Alien, as there will be an alien invasion and we will be destroyed by them. Do Aliens have that much interest in our planet? They can wonder in any galaxy if they are that advance. Why come to us, even they can’t understand our jokes.

4. Planet X/ Nibiru: - one of the popular prediction going around. We will be hit by a small planet called Nibiru creating gigantic tsunami waves. But it’s contradictory too much as if this planet is that much close, astrologers would have noticed it. The possibility is that the planet knows some hectic travelling techniques.

5. Pole shift (Solar Flare): - North Pole become South Pole and south will become north. This will only happen when we have a solar flare equal to 100 billion atomic bombs. In simple we will die by a solar flare.

Hope you can enjoy reading. Read my content as much as much as you can before 21th Dec. 2012.


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