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How to make an inspiring speech

Updated on May 17, 2015

How to make an inspiring speech

When it comes to public speaking we may have different ideas about to begin, to carry it further and eventually to finish it with a pleasant and inspiring note. Be it an annual function in school, or an occasion of farewell party in office where you may have to speak on some topic. One question that may arise in your mind happens “how to prepare a good impressive speech or presentation”. Delivering a speech is like an art. A saying goes around that even a piece of diamond needs polishing to get perfection. So despite of being good in speaking you still need a good rehearsal before making a public speech so as to get rid of the flaws completely.

You need to focus on how to create a good stuff for your presentation and making an inspiring speech. Your speech should be based on facts, your prior experience and good enough to draw attention of audience whom you have to address. While addressing sometimes you may not need to show presentation on screen still you must prepare it with you for your better preparation. A good start is always a half done task. Make a strong start with greeting the audience. First of all introduce yourself, greet the dignitaries sitting on the stage, and then greet the audience. While greeting people use some local traditional and cultural words and methods that the audience would prefer to be greeted. Put forwards your thoughts systematically and carefully one by one not in any haphazard way. Never go astray from your topic during your speech.

While addressing your body gesture should be good, so speak with full confidence. If you speak extempore be careful not to miss anything important in the mid of the speech. If still something you miss in the mid but somehow recall it during or at the end of the speech be honest to rectify your mistake and get it mentioned then. Remember even if you have to make the extempore speech still put down your whole speech in words before going to make it. This will help you to add something new and interesting to it or remove some unwanted portion out of it. So always give careful attention to your extempore speech to get perfection.

If you read it from paper or computer screen keep desirable pauses in between words and sentences. When you are reading written speech at the end of each paragraph you may explain that in simple words something which you felt complicatedly written in that paragraph. Sometimes audience may get bored listening to written speech, so in the mid if you can crack some modest jokes but related to that stuff only; it would certainly help to keep the interests of the audience throughout your speech. There are some more key points to help you to prepare and deliver a very impressive and inspiring speech:-

  • Your speech must be based on facts, without any ambiguity and audience centric as well.
  • It must be précised. Avoid speaking prolonged sentences and difficult words.
  • Put your whole speech in bullet points and rehearsal well before making it.
  • Take inputs for the topic from your all available resources and then finalize it on your own words.
  • Include some factual data to make it analytically strong.
  • Graphical representation of facts is must wherever needed while preparing it.
  • Prepare speech based on your past experiences of life, do good research before finalizing it.
  • While elaborating facts, cite examples to simplify them.
  • Little sense of humor will make it interesting for the audience and audience won’t be bored.
  • Connect with the audience; always try to make them feel an inevitable part of your subject.
  • Cover all aspects of topics like, challenges, losses or gains pertaining to outcome (if any) of the subject.
  • Try to avoid mentioning any controversial things that can divide audience to form many opinions.
  • While speaking you must be polite enough and no gesture of arrogance should appear at all. So deliver it in a modest way.
  • Speak with taking adequate space of time in between words and sentences. Avoid too much hasty or slow speech.
  • Give a little spell for ‘Q&A’ session too at the end of your speech regarding the topic.
  • After delivering, share it on social media so that post-speech too folks can read and make comments.
  • Always ask audience to send you the feedback and give them email id or Social media link to do so.
  • After receiving feedback from audience work on the suggestions and make further improvements, so that next time you make even a better speech.
  • Learn from your experience and improve the flaws of past events.
  • Your stuff must have the capability and credibility to draw curiosity among the audiences.
  • While speaking, you may use common popular sayings but avoid mentioning difficult idioms and phrases.


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