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President For A Day.

Updated on January 16, 2010


President For A Day.

My Fellow and Lady Americans,

I hereby and forever abolish all parties,
such as the Republican'ts and the Demoncrats,
because there are far too many parties going on
at the expense of the taxpayers in the current

Washing-a-ton of money down the drain.

From now on it will be a government
of Americans, run by, and for Americans always,
All squabbling and big business favors will be
grounds for immediate impeachment.

Veterans who served in combat,
will never have to pay a stitch of taxes in the U.S.
they paid enough by risking it all.

War will be resolved quickly,
with full protection of the troops,
and if the people of a country at war,
rise up in any capacity to kill or maim
their defenders from the U.S.
then we will exit their country immediately
and let them fight it out ,and die among themselves.

All insurance companies will lower their exorbitant rates,
to a fair standard, for health, auto, life and home,
I am weary of people having to pay
huge deductibles over fender benders,
outrageous prices for hospital stays,
small fortunes out of their own pockets
for acts of God and nature on their homes,
it is completely out of hand,
and it is time to make what is
supposed to be protection protective,
not frightening and costly.

Taxes will be reduced to 10%
of all citizens income per year,
and the U.S. government will learn
to live cheaper, like it's people do.
no more limos, inaugural balls,
free medical, free gas,
and free plane rides, free everything,
all politicians get a large salary...use it!

It is now a mandatory requirement

that everyone vote, so that the whole country
is involved in the process,
and so that all the people have less reasons
to whine about whose doing what.

Any and all non-voters will be sentenced to

serve 30 days as a page in the congress

and the senate, or on other committees

that need help, so that they can

still add their two cents worth.

Any, and all polluters will immediately be forced
to fix the sources of their toxic emissions
within the next two years,
so that we can all breathe easier,
the gravy train is now derailed.

All unemployed people will be offered good work
at fair wages, cleaning up the littered roads,
helping at disaster sites,
providing security at all schools and colleges
and assisting in any government projects
that are now manned by friends, and families.
of politicians in office.

All prisoners on death row,
or serving life in prison if truly guilty,

after DNA test have proven them so,
will be allowed to use their
killing skills, and stealth skills
in Iraq, and Pakistan
to hunt down and kill Bin Laden
and his moronic followers.
They will have chips embedded in them
to track their actions, and if they commit
further crimes or murder innocent people,
the chip will electronically emit
a deadly toxin and execute them.

this way we do not have to use
our precious sons and daughters,
to continue fighting terrorism..

let the terrorist among us, in jails,

kill the terrorists who
seek to be among us.

More changes will be made law,
as the need comes up.
let us be Ameri-can once more, aggressive,
yet kindhearted, proud, yet still humbled
by our great freedoms, greed-less and caring,
and together we can share the rare peace
that now eludes us under
the Am-bush commander-in-grief,
and Lon cheney nightmares in power.

Thank you and Godspeed to a real America.



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