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Pretend Juice: A Drink of Denial

Updated on July 14, 2020
Poetic Word Bird profile image

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...

Pretend Juice

Odorless, vapor less, tasteless, colorless ... invades the mind of children and adults of all ages.

Yesterday, I looked at the future through the eyes and actions of some of the children of tomorrow and my soul wept…

Pretend Juice had been unleashed in their atmosphere, keeping them stagnant and unconcerned about the days ahead…

Expecting less, settling for less, seems to be okay to a mind under the influence of Pretend Juice.

Look for the signs of those who drink it by the quarts, by the gallons and quench their non-growing, non-productive thirst, without shame or remorse.

Today, I witnessed the damage of those who over-indulge themselves in Pretend Juice…

I saw children with no fire in their eyes, no determination in their face, no goals and no God in their life.

I saw adults who have accepted destruction and chaos as a way of life for them and their children.

I saw eyes that were deaden, lifeless, broken and not caring about who is staring...

Odorless, vapor less, tasteless, look for the signs of those affected; Serenading ignorance as if it was a bride.

Lying to self and others that “Everything is Okay”, when the eyes scream a different, painful reality, is a sign of being affected.

Pretend Juice … Full effect in some schools, certain neighborhoods and wherever negative energy is given a throne…

See it in full effect by taking a ghetto stroll where things sometimes get out of control…

Heard it coming out of the mouth of politicians whose platforms are filled with empty promises…

Filled with words that lie to the people, trick the people and never do nothing for All the people...

Be leery of those faces that prance around boasting about materialistic things as if they are more important than people.

Pretend Juice … Pay attention to people who are unmotivated and believe that time is on their side…

Pay attention to promises from Double talking Politicians and People who believe they are Superior because of their Wealth or Color...

Odorless, vapor less, tasteless, colorless…

Watch for the signs of those affected, the numbers, they may surprise you…

The people you think “know better,” might surprise you too.

Pretend Juice also consumed by ego driven individuals, as a cocktail, to keep their delusions fresh and operating on a High Level...

You will know them from their boasting, from their attitudes, from their non-caring about the plight of others less fortunate then them.

Be leery and be concern because living a lie and telling a lie is normal for those affected...

Pretend Juice, Look for the signs of the affected mind.

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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