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Pride In Free-Fall

Updated on May 27, 2013

Pride In Free-Fall

She has an elfin smile and her walk is that of a provocative saunter

Akin to vulgar grace...

That bespeaks subtle, but positive arrogance

But for the life of me, I cannot read her face

I, who have studied at the feet of Kenneth and Alejandro...

This is not good – it’s bad

Maybe I’m suffering from dyslexia...

Maybe her face is speaking pig-Latin or perhaps, Patios

Oh, oh, there! An opening…

Her eyes are her Judas

Wow! I read passages in her eyes that would rival ‘The Songs of Solomon’’

Or moreover The Karma Sutra

Then I heard a voice, saying, heah, you lusting idiot!

So you wear size fifteen shoes and you have big hands – so what!?

Yeah, yeah, so you went from a GED to a PHD…

Does your PHD make you King Midas?

I tried to answer, but it came out like a Freudian Slip (Benedict Arnold!)

Yes, my PHD makes me poor…

It is why she is a scented flower in the wind….


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    • starflakes profile image

      starflakes 7 years ago from Florida

      rather enjoyed this one glad i was able to hop over

      great work C~